The Trigun Donut Decorating Contest returns for Anime North 2023! The fan favourite is back at the Terrance Room in the Delta Toronto Airport Hotel on Friday, May 26 at 5-7PM and Saturday, May 27 at 9-11PM.



The Anime North 2023 Pocket Guide, which includes the schedule, is now available for download. Congratulations to this year’s Cover Contest winner, Nazuroth.

Dance the night away during Anime North 2023 at Otakubaloo, our famous outdoor dance in the Toronto Congress Centre Parking Lot.



Have a loose stitch or broken-off bobble during the Anime North 2023? You may want to stop by the Cosplay Recovery Lounge, hosted by Cosplay for a Cure, in Hall E of the Toronto Congress Centre South Building. Drop by for Cosplay Catch-up on the Friday, 5-8PM for help with those final touches.