Industry Tables

The information on this page is from Anime North 2022 and left online as a guideline only.
An update for the 2024 convention will be posted early in the new year.

Welcome to Anime North 2022. General industry tables in the Vendors Hall of the Toronto Congress Centre Site.

There are 4 locations for the Anime North Industry Area: the General Industry Area in the Vendors Hall of the Toronto Congress Centre Site, the TCC Site Gaming Area (for table top gaming and games-focused vendors), the Sheraton Gaming Industry Tables (focusing on video and LARP gaming only) in the Sheraton Hotel Site and the Doll North Industry Tables (focusing on ball jointed dolls and doll accessories).

Applications for Industry Tables and badges can only be made by authorized representatives of eligible organizations.  Anime North reserves the right to verify whether an application for an Industry Table or badge has been authorized by the organization on whose behalf it has been made.

This FAQ sheet is for the General Industry Area in the Vendors Hall at the Toronto Congress Centre Site.

The TCC Site Industry Area will be accepting applications from March 10, 2022 - June 30, 2022 or until all booth spaces are sold out whichever happens first. After June 30th, there will be no guarantee that booth spaces will still be available. It is advised to submit paperwork and payments (if applicable) within the (10) ten business days leeway after your booth contracts are sent. After ten business days, your space will be given to the next in line in the waiting list.

Industry Area FAQ

What is the Industry Area? Who can apply? How can I apply?

These are booth spaces allocated for: Anime North Guests of Honour/Industry Guests; Corporations and For-Profit Organizations; Government Affiliations; Clubs and Non-Profit Organizations/Associations; and Conventions. The booths are provided solely for the exhibition of these groups' own products and services during Anime North 2022.

Anime North Guests of Honour are individuals or Industry Guests invited and featured by Anime North. Guests of Honour and Industry Guests are designated by Anime North invitation only.

Corporations and For Profit Organizations are defined as businesses that sell goods and/or services for profit. Note that they cannot sell merchandise at an Industry Table, only promote themselves. (For example, a manga publishing company promoting upcoming titles.)

Government Affiliations are defined as groups or organizations that are part of, affiliated with, or otherwise have official ties with the Government of Canada or the Government of Ontario.

Clubs and Non-Profit Organizations/Associations are defined as groups that provide a service to their respective communities and are non-profit. (For example, university anime associations and similar culture groups.)

Conventions are defined as groups that organize events similar to that of Anime North.

Please contact [email protected] to apply for a booth.