Contact Us

Please find below the contact addresses that can be used to reach out to specific sections of Anime North with any questions you may have. 
General Inquiries - [email protected]
Artist Alley - [email protected]
Charity Auction - [email protected]
Commercial Vendors (Dealers Room) - [email protected] 
Con-AID (Accessibility) - [email protected]
Cosplay Craftsmanship Contest - [email protected]
Cosplay Large Props and Weapons Check - [email protected] 
Cover Art Contest - [email protected]
Doll North - [email protected]
Fashion Show - [email protected]
Gallery Momiji (Art Gallery) Displays - [email protected] 
Game Shows - [email protected] 
General Volunteers - [email protected] 
Guest Inquiries - [email protected] 
Industry Area - [email protected] 
Nominoichi Inquiries - [email protected] 
Marketing /Program Book Ads - [email protected] 
Masquerade / Costuming - [email protected] 
Media Passes - [email protected]
Model Contest - [email protected] 
Photo Alley - [email protected] 
Pro Plaza - [email protected] 
Programming - [email protected] 
Public Safety - [email protected] 
Registration - [email protected] 
Social Media - [email protected]
Virtual Panels (Vtubers) - [email protected]