Imagine your favourite character from a series you love. Now imagine there’s music playing. Now imagine they’re artfully dancing around a stage and taking their clothes off for your entertainment. Sounds pretty good, huh? Join us for the long awaited return of the Anime North Burlesque Show! Featuring the talents of Dante Legend, Charlie Quinn, Kage Wolfe, and Bellamie Beastly and hosted by the lovely Helen of Tronna! Things will get spicy in this 18+ show, so bring ID and, uh, keep it in your pants. Except for your wallet; keep that out for the tips.

The Anime North Drag Show is back! Have you ever wondered if some of your favourite characters could werk it on stage? Well come on by and see if they can! Featuring the amazing talents of Sapphyre Poison, Pepper Maché, Baby Butcher, and Sam Wise! Join us and our host Bear Sailor Moon for an amazing night of talented performers shaking their thang on stage! There will be an option to tip our performers on your way out!

Journey with our Meidos to the kingdom of Hyrule & discover the Legend of Cafe Delish. The Maid Cafe includes interactive food, drinks, dessert, games & performances. Tickets required ($20). Ticket desk hours are Fri 5pm - 7pm & Sat 11:00am - 2pm (or until sold out) near the south entrance of the Delta. Limit of 2 per person. See full details and seating times at the Cafe Delish page.