Anime North 2022 Model Contest

The Anime North Model Contest returns once again for 2022!

We're back again and better than ever and we’re looking forward to your entries! The Anime North Annual Model Contest returns after a 2-year hiatus and we’re look for everyone to bring their best and brightest plastic creations. With new and improved categories, there’s a place for everything and everyone.

Speaking of improved, we’re adding a new special prize. On top of the normal commendations, we’re also issuing an award for Audience Favorite! Returning are the usual top 3 placements in each category as well as the Best in Show prize dedicated to the memory of John Martin, who organized the Anime North Toy Display and Model Contest for many, many years. And last but certainly not least, we’re handing out the Best Junior Builder prize to the best entry submitted by anyone 18 and under.


Bandai Gunpla kits 1/144 or smaller, except oversized kits (Neo Zeong, Dendrobium, etc.). Whether an entry is oversized or not will be dealt with by the judges on the days of the con.

Bandai Gunpla kits 1/100 or larger as well as oversized kits which are disproportionate for the Small Scale category.

Out-of-Box Entries must be built straight out of the box and will be judged on technical modeling skills only: construction, seam/gap filling, painting, decals/markings and overall finish quality. You MAY re-scribe panel lines lost during seam sanding but you may NOT add any additional panel lines or detail or make modifications to the kit. Everything must come from the original kit box and follow the manual, however aftermarket decals are allowed. You MUST provide the kit manual or a copy with your entry.

Macross, Votoms, Evangelion, Patlabor, Super Robot Wars, Dougram, Pacific Rim, Full Metal Panic!, Layzner, Mospeada, Break Blade, etc. If it's mecha and not Gundam it goes in here, unless it goes into the special categories below!

Characters from Dragon Ball Z, Kamen Rider, Star Wars, Star Trek, Ultraman, Godzilla, Space 1999, etc. If it's not Gundam or mecha or any of the special categories, it goes in here!

Vehicles, AirCraft, and Spacecraft from Space Battleship Yamato, Dragon Ball Z, Kamen Rider, Star Wars, Star Trek, Ultraman, Godzilla, Space 1999, etc.

AG 115; Woolf Enneacle, former Mobile Suit Grand Prix Champion, takes up arms once more to assist the Federation in combating the Unknown Enemy. What were his days on the Mobile Suit Grand Prix Circuit like? What sort of opponents did he face? What did the Mobile Suit Grand Prix look like? Entries into this category will showcase an imaginative concept of what a Mobile Suit Grand Prix racer looked like.

Entry Period

All entries will be accepted during Anime North 2022, from 5pm on Friday July 15th to 12pm noon on Sunday July 17th. No entries will be allowed after this period. The judging will take place on Sunday from 12pm noon to 3pm

The award ceremony will be held on Sunday, July 17th at 3pm.

General Rules

  • You MUST have an Anime North badge to participate.
  • Maximum of two entries per category. Maximum of five total entries per person.
  • The entry MUST be the work of the entrant.
  • Models entered into other model competitions prior to August 20th, 2019 are not eligible.
  • The entry MUST be a licensed PLASTIC INJECTION kit.
  • You may modify the kits or scratch-build using common modeling raw materials.
  • Unlicensed kits are NOT ALLOWED.
  • Resin, vinyl or white metal kits or conversion sets are NOT ALLOWED.
  • Resin may only be used if you are casting parts that you yourself have built.
  • The entry must be PG-13 as they will be displayed in the common area.
  • While there is no specific size restrictions on entries, please be mindful in not taking a disproportionate amount of table space. Admittance of oversized entries is at the discretion of judges. It is wholly the entrant's responsibility to ensure their oversized entry can be displayed in a stable and safe manner.
  • Judges reserve the right to move an entry into a more appropriate category.
  • Judges' rulings are final.
  • Photography of the contest entries will be allowed.


The entries will be judged using criteria inspired by but not wholly identical to IPMS (International Plastic Modellers' Society) contests, allowing for evaluation of the full spectrum of model making skills.

Scope of Effort - out of 30 points
This considers the creativity of your entry and the amount of work required in executing that idea. Examples include kit-bashing, adding surface detail, re-sculpting and reshaping, and many more modeling skills. The quality of work is just as important as the quantity of work. Well done modifications will usually score higher than an out-of-box build. Ambitious but poorly done modifications might score lower than a flawless out-of-box build.

Fit and Finish - out of 30 points
This evaluates the final presentation of your entry, such as painting, weathering, posing, etc. Are the kit artifacts such as mold lines, seam lines, gate marks, etc, taken care of? Is the overall finish consistent with the story the model tells? Is the paint texture appropriate? Does the weathering have a logical pattern? Are the decals blended in? Is there chipped paint, sanding/filing marks showing through, uneven panel lines or other defects? Fit and Finish is what separates something looking like a model kit from something looking like the real thing.

Three judges will each award out of 60 points using the criteria above for a total score out of 180 for each entry. In case of numerical ties the judges will debate and decide the final top 3 placements for each category.

Out-of-Box Category will be judged on its own criteria stated in the category description.

Entry Forms & Registration

Entry Forms will be available Online ahead of time and during the Anime North convention. Registration Forms can be submitted online as well. Details to follow.