Video Gaming

Gaming North's Video Gaming section has something for every kind of gamer! We're offering several live tournaments for the players who love head-to-head competition, async tournaments for busy congoers, freeplay areas for casual fun, and even a speedrunning showcase to watch and enjoy!

Live Tournaments

Face off head-to-head against your fellow congoers in our exciting series of tournaments! All tournaments are free-to-enter with a convention pass.

You are encouraged to bring your own controllers. The Ambrosia Ballroom has an equipment rental desk, but supplies are limited.

Tournament start times and registration details are subject to change, please check this page often leading up to the events you wish to enter.

Blazblue Tag & UNICLR (PS4) Sun @ 12PM
Tournament begins @ 12:00 PM Sunday in the Ambrosia Ballroom.

You may visit the TorontoTopTiers registration desk in the Ambrosia Ballroom to register yourself anytime during the weekend before the tournament begins.

Presented by TorontoTopTiers, the primary organization for all fighting game related events in Toronto.

Async Tournaments

Don't have time to attend a live tournament, but still got the competitive itch? We've got you covered at AN2022! Async tournaments are contests where you can play these games on your own time, with prizes given at the end of the weekend to the highest scorers.

Balloon Fight (NES)
  • Ambrosia Ballroom
  • Balloon Trip mode (endless mode)
  • Score submissions via QR code form posted near the game setup
  • Highest score will receive a prize via e-mail.

Casual Freeplay

There may be plenty of tournaments at Anime North, but casual players are always welcome to hang out and game anytime! Anime North 2022 offers freeplay for all of the following:

  • Console gaming - Ambrosia Ballroom
    • Console availability may vary depending on if a tournament is happening at that time.
    • Mostly modern consoles, but some retro consoles are available.
    • Controllers and games may be borrowed from within the room.
  • Rock Band - Macintosh I Room
  • Virtual Reality - Macintosh II Room. Visit the room to book a timeslot.
  • Duck Hunt - Hallway near the Sheraton Conference Centre entrance
  • Stepmania - Hallway near the Sheraton Conference Centre entrance


All speedruns will be in the Ambrosia Ballroom on the east projector (near the fighting games setups).

The projector is shared with fighting game tournament finals, so speedrun start times are subject to variation.


  • 11 AM: Super Metroid by SeanCass
  • 3 PM: Bad Dudes by DTysonator
  • 5 PM: Sekiro by NeoRussell
  • 11 AM: Pokemon Yellow by Nick Andrews
  • 2 PM: Metal Gear MSX by NeoRussell