Cosplay Craftsmanship Contest 2024

Date: Friday May 24 8:30-9:30PM and Saturday, May 25 10:00-12:00, 2024
Appointments preferred, walk-in available. Judging takes place throughout these blocks.

NEW Location: North Building, Toronto Congress Centre. room between Cosplay Panels 2 and Gaming Panels 1 in HALL H.

The CCC has no stage or performance component.

We offer an enhanced and laid-back Contest Experience, aimed at promoting Cosplay for Everyone:
  • Appointments or Walk-in for Judging
  • Cosplay Guest Judge: Sarcasm-hime (Past guests have included Leon Chiro, BluClarice, Niq Van der Aa, Sarcasm-hime, Shrouded Scales, Ragz Cosplay and more...)
  • "Ask Cosplay Sempai".  An "Expert" Cosplayer will be on hand throughout the duration of the event for entrants to ask for personal tips on cosplay construction and entering cosplay contests.

Event Information

Please complete the Registration Form and reserve an appointment if you wish.
You may reopen the form up until the day of the convention to add more information, such as update your build book at a later date.

Audience and Non-entrants: Only entrants and any required support persons are permitted in the Judging Area, everyone else is welcome to sit and observe from the Seating Area.

Special Guest Judge: Sarcasm-hime!

Fresh off her most recent win of 1st place in the NYCC Crown Championships of Cosplay, Sarcasm-hime will be available for casual chats with entrants about Cosplay Craftsmanship and Cosplay Contests.

Ask Cosplay Sempai:

New Feature for 2023!

For the duration of the contest hours, we will have a cosplay veteran available to answer your questions about cosplay!
Available to entrants only.

What sets us apart from the Masquerade and other Cosplay Contests at other conventions?

  • Our judges are highly experienced former/current Anime North Masquerade Winners/Cosplay judges and/or Anime North Cosplay Guests;
  • Our judges are more than happy to provide constructive feedback and answer questions about your work;
  • Entrants present their work during an interview (there is NO STAGE/dramatic component);
  • Entrants are sorted into divisions to ensure a level playing field. Awards are based on skill only;
  • Each year we feature one of the COSPLAY GUESTS as a JUDGE!
  1. Complete the Registration Form and submit a build book.
  2. A "Build Book" or basic information video is Required for awards consideration.

    Please create a bare basic video 2mins or less or a SINGLE FILE in PDF or Google Slides, google docs and upload it here.  It should contain reference images, planning images and photographs of yourself creating the costume at various stages. You can also add links to videos and/or bring in physical items to show like materials samples. *DIGITAL IMAGES SHOWN IN PERSON ON YOUR DEVICES ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE*
  1. You may not reuse a costume in multiple contests at anime north. Anyone found entering the same costume in both masquerade and this contest will be retroactively judged "out of competition" and any awards won will go to another entrant.
  2. Minors: Minors must have an adult guardian must complete this form and accept the legal responsibilities on their behalf. The guardian must also BE PRESENT during the competition for verification purposes.
  3. Reasonable Playing Field: NO COSPLAY BUSINESSPERSONS MAY ENTER. You may not enter if more than 1/3 of your income comes from cosplay, propmaking or costuming.   Ex: social media monetization, cosplay commission side hustle, working in the "industry"., etc.
  4. We reserve all rights: The Director's decisions regarding awards and eligibility of an entry are final.  Entrants or persons acting on their behalf should not contact the Judges before or after the contest without receiving their consent to do so.
  5. Restrictions on what is permitted to be entered:
    - Your entry must belong to one of the fandoms represented at Anime North.
    - Your entry must be recognisable as being a specific character or your own OC with references.
    - Your costume must be wearable, with a visible functional garment component as part of it and it must be supported by your own body.
    - Your entry must be at least 75% created by the entrant from base materials.
    - One person per entry.
    - You must have a complete costume.
    - You may not enter this costume in another contest at Anime North (i.e. The Masquerade).

    Entering work created by another or purchased without disclosure will result in a ban from this contest and sharing of your information with the Cosplay Dept.
  6. You may not enter this costume in another contest at Anime North (i.e. The Masquerade).
  7. By entering you acknowledge you have read, understood and accepted all terms, conditions and information related to this Contest, as stated above and at Masquerade Rules, and on as part of purchasing your pass.
  • Everyone gets a cool piece of AN swag and a certificate.
  • The winners list will be distributed via Anime North social media channels or direct email on Sunday, but all certificates, Awards and any Prizes will be distributed at the beginning of the Masquerade Awards Ceremony on Sunday morning in the North TCC. See program book for timing and location.
  • All entrants should come Sunday to pick up their participation certificate and Swag. We will not mail things.
Questions? Contact us at [email protected].