Cosplay Craftsmanship Contest 2023

Don't want to go on-stage with a big fancy skit or presentation?
Want expert advice and cosplay tips?
Then this is the Cosplay Contest for YOU!
The CCC has no stage or performance component, we offer laid-back, appointment-based judging and NEW THIS YEAR - "Ask an Expert Cosplayer"

This "Expert" Cosplayer will have 10+ years experience judging, entering and creating cosplays. They will be available during the event time for entrants to bring their questions.

Event Information

Registration Form

Date: Saturday, May 27, 2023
Time: 12:00 PM - 3:00 PM. Appointments preferred, walk-in available. Judging takes place throughout this time.

Location: McKinnit Room (aka "Masquerade Green Room Area") North Building, Toronto Congress Centre. (Signs will be up if this is not labelled on maps).

Audience and Non-entrants: Only entrants and any required support persons are permitted in the Judging Area, everyone else is welcome to sit and observe from the Seating Area.

Special Guest Judge: BLUE CLARICE


Ask Cosplay Sempai:

New Feature for 2023!

For the duration of the contest hours, we will have a cosplay veteran available to answer your questions about cosplay!
Available to entrants only.

What sets us apart from the Masquerade and other Cosplay Contests at other conventions?

  • Our judges are highly experienced former/current Anime North Masquerade Winners/Cosplay judges and/or Anime North Cosplay Guests;
  • Our judges are more than happy to provide constructive feedback and answer questions about your work;
  • Entrants present their work during an interview (there is NO STAGE/dramatic component);
  • Entrants are sorted into divisions to ensure a level playing field. Awards are based on skill only;
  • Each year we feature one of the COSPLAY GUESTS as a JUDGE!
  1. Complete the REGISTRATION FORM.
  2. Don't forget to upload or bring a physical "BUILD BOOK ". It is required.
  3. Arrive at the North Building, Toronto Congress Centre at the appropriate time and follow the signs to our check-in Table.
  1. A "Build Book" is Required.
    We require documented evidence of the planning and construction of the cosplay. Please create a PDF or Google Slides and upload it here. It should contain reference images, planning images and photographs of yourself creating the costume at various stages. You can also bring in physical items to show. Without sufficient evidence we cannot judge your work.
  2. The contest ends at 3:00pm sharp; no entries will be judged after that point.
    Appointment slots are provided on this form and disappear as they are taken.  If there are none showing when you register (or you miss your appointment time), you can still show up to the contest as a "walk-in" and wait for a break in appointments.
  3. Awards Notification and Pickup of Contest Materials:
    Certificates and Prizes are to be picked up at our table (North Building TCC) during the times specified in the email you will receive with the winner's list.  This will include a time period on Saturday evening and time during the Masquerade Awards on Sunday morning.  All entrants will receive at minimum a participation certificate.
  4. Minors:
    Minors must have an adult guardian must complete this form and accept the legal responsibilities on their behalf. The guardian must also BE PRESENT during the competition for verification purposes.
    This includes anyone making any income of any amount directly or indirectly related to their cosplay work. This includes but is not limited to: all types of social media monetization (such as OnlyFans, Instagram, TikTok, Youtube, etc.), cosplay modelling, being a cosplay guest, taking cosplay commissions, etc.
  6. We reserve all rights:
    Directors's decisions regarding awards and eligibility of an entry are final.
    Entrants or persons acting on their behalf should not contact the Judges before or after the contest without receiving consent to do so.
  7. Restrictions on what is permitted to be entered:
    - Your entry must belong to one of the fandoms represented at Anime North
    - Your entry must be recognisable as being a specific character
    - Your costume must be wearable as a garment or armoured suit and it must be supported by your own body.
    - Your entry must be at least 75% created by the entrant from base materials.
    - one person per entry.
    - you must have a complete costume

    Entering work created by another or purchased without disclosure will result in a ban from this contest and sharing of your information with the Cosplay Dept.
  8. You may not enter this costume in another contest at Anime North (i.e. The Masquerade).
  9. By entering you acknowledge you have read, understood and accepted all terms, conditions and information related to this Contest, as stated above and at Masquerade Rules.
  • All entrants will receive a Certificate of Appreciation.
  • All award winners will receive a ribbon and Award Certificate.
  • Selected Entrants will be featured on social media.
  • Award Winners will be posted on this website and through Anime North social media Saturday evening.
  • Awards Certificates and Trophies will be handed out at the Awards Ceremony on Sunday. If you cannot attend the ceremony, awards can be picked up next year.
Questions? Contact us at [email protected].