What is AnimeNia?  AnimeNia is a new cosplay gaming event where cosplayers and fans perform the actions of a card game.

The idea of the game started by noticing people wanting to do a live action Yu-Gi-Oh duel but unfortunately, there are not enough cosplayers who dress as the Duel Monsters.  What if there was a new game for cosplayers to perform those actions?  So far, there are not a lot of games that feature anime fans.  This is where the game of AnimeNia comes in, a new alternative in cosplay gaming outside of Cosplay Chess.

Imagine a Catgirl Cosplayer challenging The First Time Convention Attendee, but Bathroom Break foils the Catgirl Cosplayer.  

Schedule Date and Location: Sat. May 25 (11a-12p – setup, 12p-2p – event), Halls A & B at the South Building of the Toronto Congress Centre

Rules for Participation

  1. This event is open to cosplayers and non-costumed fans.  Keep in mind that this event will involve some theater play.  The event will consist of players for the card game and volunteers who perform the actions of the game.
  2. You need to be pre-registered for the convention and the event to participate in AnimeNia.
  3. Knowledge of the AnimeNia game is not a requirement for everyone, as the players of the card game will provide directions/marching orders for those on the gaming field. Those who are interested in playing the card game portion will receive instructions on the gameplay.  Experience with Yu-Gi-Oh is an asset for the gameplay.
  4. The participants do not have to make their costumes. This event welcomes non-costumed fans as well.
  5. All costumes must be appropriate for the public. All costumes must comply with the convention's rules. All weapons and accessories must comply with Anime North’s Weapon Policy.
  6. For the early years of this event we want to err on the side of caution, we will only accept fans 18 and over.  We encourage our younger fans to watch and enjoy the gaming action.
  7. You need to prepare and rehearse a “quick combat” scene and a “quick elimination” scene for the AnimeNia game.  Compared to Cosplay Chess, the combat and death scenes will be quicker and brief.
  8. Props that disperse (i.e. confetti, fake blood, rose petals, anything that might disturb other people’s footing) are not allowed in the event for the purpose of safety.
  9. Participants must arrive 1 hour (11 am) before the start of the game (12p-2p), and not arrive during the 2 hours of the game. Failure to arrive 1 hour before the start of the game may result in expulsion from the event.
  10. Additional tips for participants may appear in the AnimeNia Facebook Group page. The AnimeNia staff is working hard to make the event an amazing debut year, and the active participation of everyone is one of the core components that will help to create a memorable moment for the Anime North fans.
  11. Keep in mind that since the event features playacting, we will not tolerate any attack that can harm a fellow player or damage their costumes. In short, be mindful of the other people involved.
  12. In order to pre-register, you will need to send an email (details in How to participate?). This is to facilitate contact with you and give you the details of the event.
  13. When applying, you are making a commitment to participate. If you are suddenly unable to attend AnimeNia, it is your responsibility to inform a member of the AnimeNia team by email as soon as possible. We want to make sure we have enough participants for the event.

How to Participate

Note: Pre-registration to the convention is mandatory before you can apply.

To be on the AnimeNia event (as a card game player or on the gaming field):

Those who pre-register ahead of time will have priority in the selection of players for the event.  We will choose the participants from among the applications received before May 17, 2024. We might accept further applications, after the due date, if there are still slots available. Be sure to read the rules carefully before sending your application.

Knowledge of the game is not a requirement to participate, however, the players of the card game will give instructions on which square to stand on.  Volunteers will also provide whiteboards indicating anime power levels.

How to Apply

Send an email to [email protected] with the following information and AnimeNia Registration in the email title:
  • Real name:
  • Preferred online name:
  • Email:
  • Can we contact you via the AnimeNia Cosplay Gaming Event Facebook group page? If so, under which name?
  • Did you attend the event last year?
  • Will you be playing the card game portion or be a part of the gaming field?
  • If you are playing the card game portion, can you describe your experience with Yu-Gi-Oh?
  • Character (if any, otherwise indicate none, I’m coming as a fan):
  • Fandom (series the costume is based on or your favorite series if you are coming as a fan):
  • Description of your special attack (examples: Special Beam Cannon, Super Fan Aura Strike):
  • On a scale of one (least comfortable) to ten (most comfortable), how comfortable are you in front of an audience? Explain why.
  • Among the three options, which would you prefer between a big, average, or a small role? Explain why and mention if you are flexible with the size of the role.
  • I commit to be present the day of the game, 1 hour before the event starts and during the 2 hours of the event (yes, no):


How many people will you choose for the event?
At the very least, each side of the playing field will need a minimum of three cosplayers/fans – so a minimum of six for the gaming field. Pre-registration will make it easier to reserve a spot! We will also be looking for a minimum of two players for the card gaming portion.
Do you have any questions? Contact the AnimeNia team at [email protected] or through the AnimeNia Cosplay Gaming Event Facebook group page.