Twitter: @Girl_Dm_
Twitch: girl_dm_



Girl_dm_ is a Canadian VTuber who streams primarily on Twitch, but is also present on YouTube and TikTok. VTubers are content creators who use a virtual avatar in their videos or streams.

What started out as a meme on Twitter in 2019 blossomed into the beginnings of a VTuber sensation after a 3am conversation with a model artist in 2020. Girl_dm_ started her career after some prodding from a friend who had recently begun doing the same, and quickly discovered a passion for VTubing’s unique fusion of performance and visual art. She also found the accessibility of the technology powering everything behind the scenes fascinating- with many using webcams or iPhones for their tracking. As a massive anime nerd, having her own moving original character do-not-steal on display while she plays is really really cool to her, especially because it gives her an opportunity to showcase concepts and designs that she’s personally catered, and honestly, she just thinks it’s fun.

As an introvert, she found a comfortable outlet in the virtual world, overcoming and eventually enjoying the nerve-wracking prospect of connecting with thousands of fans and showcasing her love for video games, anime, and art. Her streams are kept PG/PG-13, making them accessible to a wide range of viewers to interact with and enjoy. She now streams full-time, captivating audiences with her unique and entertaining content, and even has a custom ramen flavor with Vite Ramen .

She is known for playing minesweeper and having killed CDawgVA in Crab Game among other accolades. She is also quite fond of mayo.