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Something old, something new, Something borrowed and something really blue. That’s video programming at Anime North.

  • Goth Fest: A selection of fine horror titles.
  • Saturday Morning Cartoon Bonanza: Saturdays as they use to be, an enjoyable waste of time.
  • Magical Sugar Buzz: Sweet, moe and high energy. Diabetic inducing shows and shorts.
  • Fresh from Japan: What’s new in the land of the rising sun.
  • Old School Anime: Classics and otherwise from years past.
  • Marathon Room: Favorite series reshown.
  • Dub Room: Cause some of us like dubs.
  • Baby Blue Anime: 18+ Nuff said. Don’t call your momma, unless she wants to see it too.
  • One Punch Jojo: Saturday nights already for fighting as the One Punchman and Jojos Fantastic adventures tag team together.
  • Anime Jambalaya: An eclectic collection of shorts, videos, clips and other oddities of wonder.
  • AMV Replay: A complete reshowing of the AMV contest.
  • Friday Night Karaoke: Sing away into the small hours of the night


Deadstar is an original Sci-Fi/Fantasy web series about two very lonely people from opposite ends of the galaxy. A wanted mercenary, Harrison and a little girl with a mysterious ability, Panala. In their journeys to find meaning in their lives, Harrison and Panala cross each other’s path. And through a twist of fate, their meeting turns out to be tied to the fate of the entire universe.


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Japanese Anime Hell

JAPANESE ANIME HELL is your one stop shop for two hours of three times to the fourth power of brain-busting animation clips, short films, educational movies, kooky commercials, obscure references, embarrassing cultural failures, bad childhood memories and theoccasional moment of surprisingly revelatory beauty. This year we are back in the Delta Hotel's ballroom, so don't look for Hell across the street because it's not there!


Totally Lame Anime

TOTALLY LAME ANIME is your Saturday night destination that delivers hours of the lamest animation Japan has ever produced. You'll see bad character design, awful anatomy failures, weird timing issues, stories that just plain don't make any sense, and animated epics that will force you to question your very existence on Earth, or at least at this event. Anime translator and bad-cartoon expert Neil Nadelman is your man for Totally Lame Anime!


Chargeman Ken

CHARGEMAN KEN, the legendarily terrible Japanese cartoon legend made by the same people who made "Ninja The Wonder Boy", has defied the wisdom of international tribunals and made it to legitimate North American DVD release. What's the story behind this so-bad-it's-hilarious classic? Why is it so stunningly lousy? How has Chargeman Ken become the watchword for clumsy ineptitude on three continents? Is it really shown for the amusement of patrons in sleazy Tokyo bars? Join Chargeman Ken translator Neil Nadelman and bad film expert Dave Merrill for a look at this thumb-fingered classic of schlock.


Desert Island Anime

Sooner or later everybody gets trapped on a desert island, forced to talk to a volleyball and find some way to fill the empty hours. However, if you have enough foresight to bring along your favorite Japanese anime films, Original Video Animations, and television shows, suddenly your exile may seem like a holiday. Join our panel of experts led by professional expert Neil Nadelman as they discuss which anime titles they'd love to be marooned with, and which ocean's islands and archipelagos they'd prefer to be marooned on.


Hot Tub Anime Club Time Machine

Hop into the Anime Club Time Machine and take a trip back to what it was like to be an anime fan in the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s! How did Japanese cartoons make it to your eyeballs? Was there merchandise to buy? Manga to read? Movies to see in theaters? Videos to rent? Anime fandom expert Dave Merrill will take you on a year-by-year look at the impact Japanese animation had on North America and how it got us to where we are today!


Mister Kitty's Stupid Comics

MISTER KITTY'S STUPID COMICS is back to trip through seventy years of terrible comic books, with a special look at the terrible comic books made by North Americans in imitation of the Japanese anime/manga style. Join Shaindle Minuk and Dave Merrill (of Mister Kitty fame) as they deliver bad artwork, incoherent storylines, nonexistent editing, and transparently plagiarized characters, all in the service of separating foolish customers from their pocket money, now assembled for your amusement.


An Incomplete Cartoon Education

Did you miss out on growing up with six solid hours of cartoons jammed into your eyeballs every week? Have the triumphs of American theatrical cartoon shorts from Warner Brothers, MGM, Universal, and others failed to impact your childhood? Is there a big hole in your head you need filled with Chuck Jones, Tex Avery, or Bob Clampett? We're here to help! Join Dave Merrill and Shain Minuk as we screen seven of the best theatrical shorts from the 1930s and 1940s and give you a little context as to directors, current events, and baffling topical references that make absolutely no sense 70 years later. BYOC (Bring Your Own Cereal).


Charles Dunbar

Persona: An Aria of the Soul- Since Persona 5 have finally been released, and once more goes into how we as humans interact with one another, it is necessary that we pause and reflect on how those interactions shape our lives. This panel does so by looking at Carl Jung, Joseph Campbell, gender and identity, and the power of myth when constructing stories about how we live, and relate to one another.


Goddesses and Totoros: The Magical Worlds of Hayao Miyazaki

Miyazaki was fond of saying he liked to build his worlds before his stories, and it shows. They have this mysterious and sacred aspects that often define them, and their characters. But how he creates them is an interesting blend of folklore and pop thought, among so many other things. This panel explores some of the ways in which mononoke- mystery- can be depicted and transformed through his works.


The First Anime

Its Astro Boy, right? That series from 1963 that brought television animation to life and would go on to start the medium we call anime. Wait, it’s NOT? This panel explores animation in Japan from 1917 to 1963, when the first commercial productions appeared, tested the boundaries of the medium, were thrown back after the war, and evolved into the landmark shows of that first groundbreaking year.


The Chrysanthemum and the Cross: Christianity in Japan

Christianity came over with the Portuguese, English, and Dutch, but has gone through banning, rebellion, persecution, and resurgence in the centuries since. This panel explores the history behind the religion's appearance, fall, and resurgence: from incompatible philosophies to the Shogunate ban, the Shimabara Rebellion, the Hidden Christian age, and the postwar reconstruction and pop culture boom.


The Road to Becoming a Magical Girl

So we hear a lot about magical girls, but how does one actually define them? Joseph Campbell wrote extensively on the hero. But he left out the heroine. While her journey mimics his, it has its own markers and transformations, and her outcome is hers alone. This panel explores the different types of magical girls and how their stories are timeless.


Mike Toole Panels

Dubs that Time Forgot (90 minutes) Sunday 3:30

Anime has spanned the globe as a cultural force for more than 60 years. During that time, hundreds of companies have dubbed thousands of features into English. A precious few have survived to become favorites, but many more dubbed versions of anime have sank into obscurity. Join hosts Dave Merrill and Mike Toole for a fascinating look into the secret history of Japanese animation in English, as we uncover alternate dubs of old favorites, VHS-only obscurities, pilot films, sales reels, and other surprises.

Ghibli before Ghibli (60 minutes) Friday 8:00PM

In the early 1960s, a pair of young animators at Toei became friends. One of them was a charismatic public speaker and a passionate labor organizer; the other one was nicknamed "Paku" because of his penchant for stomping around the office, munching on bread. We now know this pair as Hayao Miyazaki and Isao Takahata-- but how did they develop their craft? Join host Mike Toole for a look at some of the lesser-known classics from these legendary animators, made long before Studio Ghibli was formed.

The Anime Arcade: Anime Based on Video Games (60 minutes) Saturday 11:00AM

From Pokemon to Phantasy Star Online, anime versions of popular video games seem like an obvious thing, a way to please fans of both media. But back in the 80s, home video games were still a fairly new thing. Anime OVAs, direct-to-video releases, were also new—and mixing them up led to some unexpected results! Join producer Mike Toole for a fascinating look at some of the earliest anime based on video games—games involving ninja, star soldiers, and Super Mario himself!

Anime Short Cuts (60 minutes) Saturday 3:00PM

Anime is most often delivered to fans in 25-minute TV servings, spaced out weekly. But something funny happened in the 90s-- a whole bunch of anime migrated to late-night broadcasts, and studios started experimenting with format. Soon enough, short-format TV anime-- anywhere from 3 to 15 minutes-- became a real phenomenon. Join host Mike Toole for a nutty countdown of infernal cops, dogs and cats disguised as fruits and veggies, profane hamsters, and golden eggs, as we take a closer look at a dozen of the finest, weirdest, and funniest short anime TV series.

Bootleg "Anime" from South Korea (60 minutes)

South Korea has been the animation second unit to the entire world for decades. But something funny happened in the 1970s—the rapid modernization of the country meant that the public was hungry for programming for their movie theatres and new color TVs. But due to some long-held national grudges, Japanese anime was banned on South Korean airwaves. As a result, the legions of animators used to finishing fare like Mazinger Z and Captain Harlock for Toei turned out their own, uniquely Korean cartoons-- cartoons that took inspiration not just from anime, but also from Batman and Wonder Woman comics, sci-fi TV shows and movies, and more. Join host Mike Toole for a look at some of the most unlikely and entertaining of these little-known “bootleg anime.”

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