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Sell Your Music with Pete Ellison

Portland-based music producer and artist Pete Ellison gives you a crash course in the online music business. Discussion topics include distribution methods, selling via iTunes and other digital services, how to legally release cover songs, licensing, accounting, and the all important PROMOTION! This panel includes lots of helpful info for any aspiring music producers or vocalists looking to get started in the business.


Anime Hell

Japanese Anime Hell returns for its TENTH YEAR of providing you with two hours of hilarious, inexplicable, borderline-offensive, and generally confusing anime, short videos, commercials, movie trailers, out-of-context sequences, and so-bad-its-good entertainments. Don't be fooled by imitations or the warnings of police or clergy; this is the real thing, unbossed, unbought, unlicensed, without permission of any sort whatsoever; where failure is always an option. Host: Dave Merrill


Urotsukidoji The Panel

A discussion of one of anime’s most infamous and well known adult tiles accompanied with a showing must be 18 or older to attend. ID will be checked at the door.


PONIES The Anthology III

It's back again folks, the third installment of the PONIES the anthology series! Dr.Dinosaur hosts a live showing of this latest collaboration of some of the best material we could muster. Don't miss it!


Golden Ani-Versary

Digging Past the Gold: Analyzing the Layers from 50 Years of Anime. 2013 marked the 50th anniversary of Tetsuwan Atomu (Astro Boy) gracing Japan's airwaves, starting a half-century of animated highs and lows. With over five decades of televised anime under fandom's belt, Geoff Tebbetts decided to drill past all of those stratified years to create a collaborative blog that covered every year of televised anime from 1963 to 2013. He and Anime North's own David Merrill sit down to analyze the shows and trends that made anime what it was ten, twenty, thirty, forty, and fifty years ago.


FANDOM HEARTS Screening: The Kingdom Hearts Parody Musical

Last July, fans of Kingdom Hearts online, helped fund a parody musical of the popular video game, and it was brought to the live stage. Watch the show with the cast, and check out this musical take on the first game in the series.


40 Years of Space Battleship Yamato

From its humble beginnings in 1974 to a cutting-edge remake in 2012, Yamato has been the standard by which all other anime is measured for most of the last forty years. What makes it such a classic and what's happening with it right now? Find out from Tim Eldred, editor-in-chief of the world's biggest Yamato website, Cosmo DNA.


Candy Candy

Girls in Japan and around the world spent the 1970s enjoying Candy Candy - the thrilling, melodramatic shoujo manga/anime saga of Candace White and her heartbreak and triumph as she comes of age in the early 20th century. Romance, tragedy, world war, nursing, dreamy boyfriends, and raccoons fill this shoujo classic that inspired a generation. But why, decades later, are we denied Candy Candy manga re-releases and DVD box sets? Find out the legal challenges that have kept Candy Candy away from the anime world for decades! With Dave Merrill, Shaindle Minuk, and Neil Nadelman.


TV Animation Workshop

Tim Eldred (director of Avengers Assemble for Marvel Animation Studio) brings his years of TV animation experience directly to you in this hour-long examination of the process. This is your chance to get an inside look at the evolution of ideas to words to drawings to a finished TV show.



Join Neil Nadelman as he opens his drawers and lets you in on all the unhealable deep-hurting examples of the rock-bottom worst the animation industry can try to offer your eyes. It's a carnival of terrible animation, ugly character design, confusing storylines, complete ripoffs, and other offenses against good taste and decency. Don't miss it!


Super Happy Fun AMV Time GO!

Do you hate fun? Are you sick of seeing wacky and weird AMVs picked out just for you? Does the though of candy and prizes disgust you to your very core? Well then, you had better stay away from this panel at all costs (and probably find a teddy bear or something because that is incredibly sad) For everyone else, come enjoy the 5th(?) annual Super Happy Fun AMV Time Spectacular!


Stupid Comics

Mr Kitty returns with more of the world's Stupidest Comics! Thrill to some of the downright dumbest panels, the most inept art, the stupidest stories ever sold to children and adults through the medium of comics. Japan and the legions of Western imitations of Japanese manga are no exception and we'll be highlighting some of their most impressive failures this time. Free comics for all who attend! With Dave Merrill and Shaindle Minuk.


The Birth of Anime Fandom

You might know all about how anime fandom got started in the English-speaking world, but how did it get going in its home country? How did the for-kids-only mentality of the 1960s shatter for all time in the 1970s and lay the foundation for everything we enjoy today? Find out in this rare look into the past, presented by anime researcher Tim Eldred.


The Knack

Knack Animation is responsible for some of the strangest, least successful, and downright oddest failures ever produced in the field of Japanese cartoons. Ninja The Wonder Boy, Robby The Rascal, Charge Man Ken, and Astroganger have all embarrassed themselves and others, yet somehow have found a worldwide audience and a lasting legacy. Come learn more than you ever wanted or needed to know about Knack. WARNING: this event includes singing cats. With Dave Merrill.


Gundam ZZ - An Insider’s View

For years, it was taken as a given that Mobile Suit Gundam Double Zeta was terrible. After the oh so dark and serious Zeta Gundam, its direct sequel was a ridiculous and lame comedy that was an insult to its predecessors. But is that a fair assessment? Could it be that Double Zeta's been unfairly maligned over the years, and that we've overlooked its place in the Gundam canon? Now that it's available subtitled for all to see, let's take a look back at one of the most misunderstood of the UC timeline Gundam series. With Neil Nadelman.


The Unofficial One Piece Podcast Documentary

The Unofficial One Piece Podcast went to Japan this past summer to interview various people involved in the making of the One Piece anime and manga. Come watch this one of a kind documentary starring Zach Logan and Greg Werner as they travel through Japan to find out why One Piece is such a cultural hit!


Video Room Highlights

Something old, something new, something borrowed, and something that’s pretty blue. That’s video programming at Anime North. Here are a few highlights.

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