Epikuro is a trail-blazing performer of Otaku Music. Mixing world-class Anime, Vocaloid, and Touhou Project composers into epic sets infused with fresh dance beats and thick bouncy-bass, Epikuro brings years of experience as an Otaku into the DJ world with tight mixing and rigorous arrangement. Selecting the finest tracks from Otaku Culture, Epikuro forges nostalgic and thrilling musical experiences. Whether it's at conventions, dance clubs, or his very own Kawaii Bass parties, Epikuro is a magical adventure that will make your kokoro go doki-doki.



Popcore is DJ and Illustrator based out of the far-off land of Rolla, Missouri. In less than a year Popcore has begun to establish himself as a versatile web DJ, mixing in various styles including future, hardcore, bassline, juke, club, and more. He has made frequent appearances on local radio shows "Keepin' It On The DL" and "Citrus Bonanza" and has had submissions accepted into the nightcore collective "Nitecorp". He's more than ready to make his grand debut on the big stage of Anime North.

As an illustrator, Popcore designs all of the artwork associated with his soundcloud account and frequently posts art under the aliases 'Popstick' and 'Stickpop.' Popcore's graphic designs combine with his music to showcase a colourful and light-hearted sense of style.


Raziki Slice

Raziki Slice is the Collaborative effort between Dylan Kirkpatrick and the small bird that lives under his hat. In fall of 2011, Dylan “DJ DK” Kirkpatrick joined his college campus radio station, KMNR, and started to experiment with electronic music mixing. After receiving his first controller for Christmas, Dylan began to make a name for himself in the station with his Electro and Progressive-house radio show “Legitimately Serious DJ’ing”, eventually elevating him to headline status at the local raves. Three years after, Dylan met Raziki, a young bird that had an ear for Ghetto-House, Future Bass, and Juke.

Dylan and Raziki teamed up to form “Raziki Slice”. They currently co-host “Keepin’ It On The DL” with DJ The Palace, a show that features artists from across North America. Now Raziki Slice is leaving the Midwest for the first time, and coming to Toronto for Anime North!

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