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Anime North Game Shows are back and bigger than ever! For the first time ever, some of the larger interactive events have been moved to the Toronto Congress Centre. There will still be many other exciting game shows, including your old favourites, at the Mississauga Studios! Come join us for a weekend of laughter and fun, while scoring some nifty cool swag in the process!

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Dates and times are subject to change. More events may be added as the con nears. Check back here often!

The Price is Right

Toronto Congress Centre

Here it comes, making its debut at Anime North! The most exciting two hours of fantastic prizes! It’s time to come on down! (Hosted by R.J)


Anime Jeopardy

Mississauga Studios

The world’s most popular show of answers and questions, hosted once again by Michael Storey of The 404s! Who will be the knowledge guru of Anime North? A hot event every year! Note: For the first time, this year there will be a live contestant tryout on Friday night. If you are interested, please read the additional information.


Anime North Family Feud

Mississauga Studios

Just like on TV! Can you think like an average anime fan? We surveyed 100 fans about various anime-related questions! Two teams of five attempt to guess the top answers on the board. Whether logical answers are up there or not is anyone’s guess! Hosted by Ken Campbell.


Evil Laughter Contest

Mississauga Studios

Come and give us your best and most bone chilling laugh and win a prize! We also need an audience to be the judge, so cheer and clap for your favourite choice.


Hetalia Party

Mississauga Studios

Do you breathe, eat, and sleep Hetalia? Then this is the game show for you! Come and play various challenges to help save the creatures of the characters from the Pictonians - yes, they are back again. Four teams of two compete against each other to be the countries to save the animals, but only one team can save them and get the glory. Food, drinks, and prizes involved so all are welcome!


Maru/Batz Game Show!

Mississauga Studios

Every audience member is a contestant in this classic Japanese game of true/false - and physical challenges!


Anime Name That Tune

Mississauga Studios

Anime North's longest running game show, now in our seventeenth glorious year! Please join us as we continue with the same format, same host, and many of the same songs. Test your musical knowledge, and have a little fun. Can you identify a song from just a 10 second clip? Well now it's time to prove it. Many have tried and failed, then wept bitter tears of shame. Now it's your turn...


Anime Question Countdown

Mississauga Studios

Another classic Anime North game show. Contestants are given an ever increasing number of clues to identify an Anime series, but for each clue you get the points you could win decrease. As your knowledge is challenged by the other contestants, your errors will be mocked by the audience. It's a lot of fun for everyone!


Disney Don't Forget the Lyrics

Mississauga Studios

This karaoke style event will have you singing along to some of the most popular disney tunes, but when the music stops, don't forget those lyrics!


Fullmetal Alchemist Jeopardy

Mississauga Studios

A quiz game specially tailored to fans of Hiromu Arakawa's hit series. Contestants are invited to show us how well they know the manga and anime (2003 and 2009).


Wacky Melty Happiness Show: Season VI

Mississauga Studios

Come on down and play a strange game to win a strange prize. All are welcome, few a chosen, none shall comprehend the madness. You can play a few mini 'party games' direct from Japan, involving balloons, firecrackers, pantyhose, and a lot of laughs.


HentaIQ (18+)

Mississauga Studios

Back after a two-year hiatus! Tired of hearing everyone rave about typical, squeaky-clean anime? Know that you’re not alone! Test your knowledge against others about all sorts of erotic anime and games, old and new.


Anime Speedtune

Mississauga Studios

Faster “Name That Tune” variant. With over 200 tunes sorted into over 40 categories and 3 difficulty levels, control your own destiny as players try to identify themed anime openings and endings. There’s definitely a tune for everyone!


Video Game That Tune

Mississauga Studios

"Mario climbs poles, that's how Samus rolls. When Kid Icarus was the Pitt, and Sonic put a ring on it. What will Warioware when the World is Square? When Sora saved Cinderella, and joined Wesker under his Umbrella-ella-ella... As Duke Nukem will shoot, and Pac Man uncontrollably guzzles... fruit! If you know each reference and each note, win some prizes and forever gloat!"


The Famicom Anniversary Game Show!

TCC Hall E Stage

It was 30 years ago the Famicom (Nintendo) made its debut in Japan. We will celebrate with a party - a game show party! Enter as a group of four, with members specializing in trivia, gameplay, and one member with the journey for the Triforce of Wisdom! Expect celebrity cameos, big prizes, and a game show event remembered for the next 30 years!


United by KPOP!

Location: TCC Hall E Stage

Has your life been drastically altered due to the discovery of one or several groups of attractive, talented Korean men or women? If so, you've come to the right place. Our KPOP Gameshow allows you to have fun with your unhealthy obsession, all the while testing your knowledge, power, stamina, charisma, bravery, and aegyo abilities. Volunteer to dance or preform the Gwiyomi song, play guessing games ranging from knowing your MVS to naming the maknaes of several KPOP bands, and test your Korean pronunciation. There will be winners, and there will be some sweet prizes to give away. Isn't this the reality you wanted?



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