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From GrimHovel in the Frozen Northland.
I love to fight and drink!
Pain and pints!! Oo


DeAndre Jackson

Hailing from South Carolina, USA DeAndre Jackson is know as the self-proclaimed "Man of a 1004 Monikers." He is also noted as being cooler than a Polar Bear's toenails. He is a rising indy international star with a colorful personality.


Will White

Will White made his professional wrestling debut in November 2013 and has been "tearing it off and tearing it up" across Ontario ever since. White, and his alter-ego Bill Black, captured the 2014 Adrenaline Cup when he defeated John Greed. White is eager to take on the best in Ontario.


Buck Gunderson

Buck is the producer of Super Extreme Anime North Wrestling. In his five years in the ring Buck has had over 400 Professional Matches and has won several championship titles in various leagues. Wrestling has also led Buck to other ventures in entertainment such as starring in the short film "M is for Merman", producing a weekly TV series for Rogers Toronto and most recently being the first professional wrestler to be crowned "Athlete of the Week" by City TV Toronto.



Nickname: Super Hardcore Anime
From: Montreal, Japan
Height: 5’2
Weight: 142 lbs
Manager: Pegaboo

Finishing Moves: Burning Hammer, Mangalizer, Konichiwa-Goodnight
Trained by: Akino, Mariko Yoshida, Len Shelley, Proulx Brothers, Pierre Marchessault & Patrick Lewis
How Many Years in Wrestling: 16

Countries wrestled? Canada, USA, Mexico, England, Germany, Japan


North Shore Pro Wrestling Champion
Lucha Pop Femmes Campeona
NCW Femmes Fatales Championship
CZW Iron-Man Champion
ALF Champion
CZW Best of the Best People's Choice 2008
IWA Mid-South Queen of Death Matches 2007
ALF Sherri Martel Memorial Cup Winner 2007
Stranglehold King of the Death Matches
EOW Super 8 Women Winner
ICW Olympic Champion
SAW World Champion
LLF Extreme Champion
ICW Tag Team Champion (X2)
ASW Canadian Champion
ICW Provincial Champion (X2)
UWA Cruiserweight Champion

Shimmer Women Athletes (USA)
Combat Zone Wrestling (USA)
NCW Femmes Fatales
Women Superstars Uncensored (USA)
Shine Wrestling (USA)
AtoZ (Japan)
Bellatrix Female Warriors (England)
Preston City Wrestling (England)
Lucha Libre AAA (Mexico)
Shine Wrestling (USA)
Ring of Honor (USA)
Alternative Wrestling Show (USA)
Lucha Pop (Mexico)
SMASH Wrestling
Jersey All Pro Wrestling (USA)
Lucha Libre Feminil (Mexico)
International Women Grand Prix (Japan)
Pro Wrestling Guerrilla (PWG) (USA)
Deutche Wrestling Allianz (Germany)
IWA Mid-South (USA)
National Wrestling Alliance (Canada and USA)
North Shore Pro Wrestling


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