JF Garrard

JF Garrard
The Undead Sorceress

JF Garrard is the President of Dark Helix Press, an Indie publisher of Multicultural Fantasy, Science Fiction, and Raw Non-Fiction. She got into writing through reading comic books and watching movies as an escape from her mundane childhood in Toronto. Writing has always been something she wanted to do although she was almost tossed out of her Catholic all girls high school writing club for writing dark and weird stories. She is a germaphobe with a Nuclear Medicine background and holds a MBA in Strategy & Marketing.

At Anime North she will be hosting a party for the book launch of "The Undead Sorceress", Book 1 of the International House of Vampire series. Concept art for the series is on her website, jfgarrard.com. Find her on Twitter @JFGarrard and Facebook page, JF Garrard.


Neil Nadelman

A veteran anime industry translator, Neil got his start as a fan-turned-professional in the early 1990s, gaining notoriety for his translation and subtitling work on a long list of projects, such as Macross Plus OAVs, The Slayers and Slayers Try TV series, Revolutionary Girl Utena and Irresponsible Captain Tylor. A gigantic Gundam fan, he also worked for Sunrise translating the original Gundam TV series and the One Year War OVAs, and is the man who popularized the use of the term "Zeke" as a derogatory name for Zeon soldiers in the Gundam universe.

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