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Illuminair Entertainment

Illuminair Entertainment is a Toronto-based circus collective specializing in the aerial arts and object manipulation. In addition to creating customized circus shows and acts, the troupe also produces the popular "Nerdgasm" variety show series, and can be seen next at the Motor City Steam Con in Detriot! Their 'Cosplay Circus' shows are something of a troupe signature, and have been presented for the last 4 years at Anime North, as well as at other conventions such as Atomic Lollipop and Youmacon.

We look forward to seeing you at Anime North 2017!



The theatrical combat troupe, "Karasu", is a gathering of actors from various backgrounds and experiences.

Representative: Hiroaki Kameyama
Stage Director and Screenplay Writer: Rena Kaneta

Through their traditional, yet modern dance, action, and dramatic fight sequences, they have been creating and bringing to their audiences around the globe an atmosphere unlike any other.

Their performances are unique and woven with the distinctiveness of Japanese culture.

But this is not just tradition. This is a revitalization and reformation of tradition.

Karasu is returning to Anime North for their second year. The story and fight scenes will no doubt be even more spectacular and moving than before… Come find out for yourself at their show!

Twitter: @team_crow

Read more: Karasu


Nagata Shachu

Nagata Shachu (formerly Kiyoshi Nagata Ensemble), based in Toronto, Canada, has enthralled audiences with its mesmerizing and heart-pounding performances of the Japanese drum (taiko) since its formation in 1998. The ensemble has toured widely throughout Canada, the US and Italy performing in theatres, concert halls, and major music festivals.

While rooted in the folk drumming traditions of Japan, the group's principal aim is to rejuvenate this ancient art form by producing innovative and exciting music that seeks to create a new voice for the taiko. Taking its name from founder Kiyoshi Nagata, and shachu (an old term for a performing troupe), Nagata Shachu has become renowned for its exacting, straightforward yet physically demanding performances as well as for its diverse repertoire. Their playing is the combination of unbounded spirit with the highest levels of musicianship and discipline. The result is an unforgettable experience that is both powerful in expression and heartfelt in its sincerity.

Nagata Shachu has the unique distinction of having sponsorship from four major Japanese drum manufacturers. Since 1999, the ensemble has rehearsed in its own fully equipped and dedicated taiko studio.

In addition to having recorded five CDs of original music, Nagata Shachu produces its own annual concert where it premieres new works and often collaborates with guest artists.

Combining thunderous, primal drumbeats with subtle, intricate rhythms, the ensemble is able to produce a wide spectrum of sound. Featuring a vast array of Japanese taiko (including the massive O-Daiko), gongs, bells, wooden clappers, shakers and bamboo flutes, Nagata Shachu will take you on a musical journey beyond all borders.

Visit http://www.kiyoshinagata.com/index.html for more!


The 404s

The 404s are back at Anime North! They are bringing a brand new selection of improvised comedy shows (and a Mandatory Saturday Morning Educational Quota workshop) for all audiences to enjoy! Taking ideas and suggestions from the crowd, The 404s combine them with fandom and genre knowledge to create spontaneous scenes of comedy gold - every show unique, every laugh unforgettable, and always, ALWAYS with the audience powering the show!

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