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Ben Dunn

Ben Dunn was born in Taiwan on April 17, 1964. In 1985, he started Antarctic Press with MANGAZINE. A manga inspired comic book where he introduced TIGER-X, MIGHTY TINY, THE MAGICIAN and MESSERSCHMITT.

In 1986 he debuted NINJA HIGH SCHOOL at Baycon. Ninja High School just celebrated it 20th anniversary and Antarctic Press is currently celebrating its 25th year in publication. Currently he is working on BOXCAR CHILDREN for Magic Wagon as well as a NINJA HIGH SCHOOL reboot.

He also has a line HOW TO DRAW books and SARAH PALIN: ROGUE WARRIOR comic #1. CUrrently his portfolio can be seen at http://dogsupreme.deviantart.com or you can drop a line at www.antarctic-press.com.


Kurt Lehner

Kurt Lehner is a Canadian Illustrator and Animation Artist. He was born in Toronto, Ontario, and ever since his childhood, has had an absolute passion for Comic Book and Fantasy Art. A graduate from the Ontario College of Art and Design in Toronto, his career started in Advertising. Working for such companies as TDF, ADS and J. Walter Thompson, he soon found his path into the Animation Industry. Through his talents, he has worked on projects for such companies as Walt Disney, Warner Bros., Marvel, Dreamworks, Nelvana Studios, and many more.

Many famous movies and TV shows display Kurt’s extensive talents as a Senior Character Designer and Development Artist. Such familiar shows as Gargoyles, The Rescue Heroes, All Dogs Go To Heaven 2, Space Jam, W.I.L.D. Cats, Cadillacs and Dinosaurs, Beauty and the Beast - The Enchanted Christmas, Rupert, The Marvel Action Hour, Ned's Newt and the development design of Franklin the Turtle for Franklin, with of course the list going on.

Kurt’s career now spans over 20 years as a Professional Artist in the Industry. Currently heading his own companies, he is producing outstanding work in Character Development and Animation Art, Comic Book and Fantasy Art, Advertising and Commercial Illustrations, Logo Designs, Family Portraits and Graphic Arts. In addition, being registered with The Ontario Educational Services, he is also working with children and students as an Instructor and speaker through the media of Workshops. Kurt is proudly featured in the New York Times for his work in the Animation Industry.


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Luna Tsukigami

Lunatic Joker

Luna Tsukigami (aka Lunatic Joker) is a Japanese illustrator and manga artist whose works have been featured in a variety of magazines and publications. His live drawing sessions are always crowd pleasers at events he attends. He is a regular contributor in the drawing tutorial corner, “CA Studio” in Kadokawa Comp Ace magazine. He has done illustration work for the light novels series “Kuzubako no Houkiboshi,” “Omae nanzo ni Musume ha Yaren,” “Zakogami-sama,” and “Audition!” Funded by Kickstarter, his 2013 work, “Moe Headphone Design Guidebook” was translated and released recently by Sekai Project. Currently he is involved with character design work for a yet to be announced gaming project.


Mark Yungblut

Mark Yungblut

Mark has been creating art for the past fifteen years, and has had his kiri-e and pencil drawings displayed in Japan, China, Chicago, and many locations throughout Southern Ontario. He began by drawing Japanese castles and temples in pencil, and continued to do so until he was introduced to Yasuyuki Okamura in April, 2004 during a trip to Japan. Mr. Okamura is a kiri-e artist and teacher (kiri-e is a Japanese method of paper cutting), who taught Mark the basics of this art form, and has continued teaching him during subsequent visits. Mark was originally drawn to the technique because of its inherent simplicity and effectiveness. He continues to experiment with different materials and new subject matter in order to further his own style and personal technique.

For the past ten years Mark has been focusing mainly on kiri-e, creating works from pictures taken during semi-regular visits to Japan. He has also made several pieces depicting Canadian architecture and wildlife in order to broaden the scope of the medium as he practices it.

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Shaindle Minuk

Shaindle Minuk

Toronto cartoonist Shaindle Minuk drew the artwork for the first Anime North flyer - before the convention was even called Anime North! Shain is a graduate of the classical animation program at Sheridan College and creator of the webcomics Element Of Surprise, Georgie Girls and Behind The Blue Door. Ms. Minuk's work appears weekly at the website misterkitty.org along with music, art, and the popular "Stupid Comics" feature, the live version of which she'll be presenting this weekend along with collaborator (and husband) Dave Merrill.


Steve Bennett

steve bennettSteve was born at Tachikawa Air Force Base in Tokyo, Japan. He grew up in a military family--his mom is from Japan and his dad was US Army. He lived in many places growing up--Alaska, Colorado, Washington State, Germany, as well as Japan.

When Steve was a teenager his father got stationed in Korea and his mother moved Steve and his four brothers back to Tokyo to stay with family. While he was there, he was lucky enough to land a part-time job working with Noburu Furusei (New Dominion Tank Police, Lupin III, etc.) at Studio Aoehyma. Steve worked on series like Only You and Yamamoto, and learned as much as he could before the family returned to the States.

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Takeshi Nogami

Manga Artist

Born 1973 and currently residing in Tokyo, Japan. Takeshi is currently authoring the following ongoing series; Girls und Panzer: The Samurai Warrior with the Red Ribbon, Maki the Shidenkai Pilot (five volumes published from Akita Shoten Champion Red Comics,) Marine Corps Yumi (four volumes published from Seikaisha and featured on Saizensen 4 Pages website,) and Moe Style Tank School (Icarus Publishing). He is also publishing an Japanese / English bilingual doujinshi series The Azure Century Chronicles employing the services of translator Dan Kanemitsu.

In addition, Takeshi has contributed characters design concepts to the TV animation series Girls und Panzer as well as provided character concepts for the fictional series 3 rd Flying Girls Squadron featured in the TV animation series SHIROBAKO.

Takeshi prefers to wear traditional Japanese clothing when going outside, but he is troubled by the fact that people tend to mistake him to be a sumo wrestler due to his excessive weight.

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