Ryan Consell

Ryan is a costumer, armorer, and sculptor with a background in bicycle research and science education. He is a blogger for Mad Art Lab and has been featured on io9 and Kotaku. He is best known for blogging about armor, his Slave Leo and Darth Shakespeare costumes, and his forays into trampoline archery and other poor life choices on YouTube.


Tim Eldred

Eldred is an artist, writer, and animation director who has been storyboarding and directing TV cartoons since 1996. His credits include Extreme Ghostbusters, Men in Black, Godzilla, Dragon Tales, Xiaolin Showdown, Batman: The Brave and the Bold, Young Justice, Futurama, three versions of Spider-Man, and more. His current gig is Marvel's Avengers Assemble, now running on Disney XD. Sadly, he became addicted to anime when he saw Star Blazers in 1980 and has been chasing the high ever since. The condition is now irreversible thanks to his semi-annual trips to Japan for the pure hit. He is the editor-in-chief of Cosmo DNA (, the largest Space Battleship Yamato website on Earth. You can find his graphic novel work at

Ben Dunn

benn dunnBen Dunn was born in Taiwan on April 17, 1964. In 1985 he started Antarctic Press with MANGAZINE. A manga inspired comic book where he introduced TIGER-X, MIGHTY TINY, THE MAGICIAN and MESSERSCHMITT.

In 1986 he debuted NINJA HIGH SCHOOL at Baycon. Ninja High School just celebrated it 20th anniversary and Antarctic Press is currently celebrating its 25th year in publication. Currently he is working on BOXCAR CHILDREN for Magic Wagon as well as a NINJA HIGH SCHOOL reboot.

He also has a line HOW TO DRAW books and SARAH PALIN: ROGUE WARRIOR comic #1. CUrrently his portfolio can be seen at or you can drop a line at
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