Anime North 2014 Masquerade Winners

Here are the winners of the 2014 Masquerade! Congratulations to all our winners and participants!

Young Fan

Cosplay Generations Award B: Sailor Moon
Best Young Fan A: Princess of the Crystal

Novice – Workmanship

Honourable Mention: Fabric Painting 12: Pyramid Head
Honourable Mention: Hand Embroidery 29: The Farplane Calls
Honourable Mention: Mascot 2: Summer Lovin’
Honourable Mention: Tailoring 19: Mew Zakuro
Most Accurate: Novice 46: Kara Zor-L aka Power Girl
Best Novie Soft Sculpture 10: Burning Greymon
Best Painting: Novice 18: Rivals
Best Wings: Novice 32: Medli – Legend of Zelda Windwaker
Best Fabric Choice: Novice 37: Monster Hunter
Best Sculpting: Novice 4: De Ku Link
Best Tailoring: Novice 25: Arrow
Best in Class Workmanship: Novice 52: Sliver Queen

Novice – Stage

Honourable Mention: Novice 7: Starcraft Ghost
Honourable Mention: Novice 16: Walpurgisnight
Honourable Mention: Novice 4: De Ku Link
Such Wings. Very Feather. Wow. 26: Angemon
Best Non-Disney Pixar 18: Rivals
Best Neighbour 54: Julian
Best Characterization: Novice 46: Kara Zor-L aka Power Girl
Best Mascot: Novice 10: Burning Greymon
Best in Class: Novice 52: Sliver Queen

Journeyman – Workmanship

Honourable Mention: Puppetry 24: Pigey and Trainer
Honourable Mention: Design 56: Dragon Slayers
Honourable Mention: Wigs 13: Regyo Kiryuin
Honourable Mention: Engineering 68: Hellsing – Alucard and Seres
Honourable Mention: Innovation Use of Materials 47: Queen Esther Blanchett of Albion
Best Props: Journeyman 69: Skull Kid
Best Painting – Armor 42: Lady of Luminosity – Lux
Best Armor Detailing 62: Pretty Warrior Sailor Moon
Best Armor 53: Dremora
Best Embellishment 39: Esther Blanchett
Best Recreation: Journeyman 43: Jellycent – The Floating Pokemon
Best in Class Workmanship: Journeyman 17: Stereo Girl

Journeyman – Stage

Honourable Mention for Characterization 51: Guy
Honourable Mention: Journeyman 42: Lady of Luminosity – Lux
Cutest Couple 56: Dragon Slayers
Hail to the Queen 47: Queen Esther Blanchett of Albion
Most Tentacular 43: The Floating Pokemon
Jukebox Hero 17: Stereo Girl
Best Sailor Moon 62: Pretty Warrior Sailor Moon
Most Atmospheric 69: Skull Kid
Most Elegant 13: Regyo Kiryuin
Best Video Game: Journeyman 60: Pulsefire Ezreal
Best in Class: Journeyman 53: Dremora

Artisan – Workmanship

Best Sewing: Artisan 73: Some Things Will Never Change

Artisan – Stage

Honourable Mention: Artisan 76: Princess Serenity
Best in Class: Artisan 73: Some Things Will Never Change

Master – Workmanship

Best Wig: Master 22: Prima Donna la Carlotta
Best Leatherworking Overall 23: A King Feast
Best Tailoring: Master 33: Frederic Francais Chopin
Best Beading 55: The Bite of an Apple
Best Screen Accuracy 58: Beauty and the Ninja
Innovation in Quad Mascot 59: Don’t Mess with the Bunny
Best Puppet 63: Gods of Death Love Apples
Best Sculpting: Master 64: Yojimbo
Best Accessory Work 66: Flight of the Flute
Best Armor 74: Quinn, Jarvan, and Shyvanna from League of Legends
Best Use of Fabric 78: He Liked It
Best Embroidery 79: Forest Guardian

Master – Stage

Honourable Mention: Master 72: Inside the Pokeball
Honourable Mention: Master 78: He Liked It
Judges’ Choice 64: Yojimbo
Armed and Dangerous 67: Isabella Valentine
Most Elegant 66: Flight of the Flute
Most Humorous 75: What Does the Fox Really Say
Best Mascot: Master 77: Christmas in May
Best Puppetry 63: Gods of Death Love Apples
Best Video Game: Master 3: Tali Z’orah Vas Normandy
Best in Class: Master 55: The Bite of an Apple

Best in Show

36: Bad Blood

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