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Michael Dobson

In a career that spans more than 30 years, Actor - Director - Michael Dobson has played hundreds of characters in thousands of episodes of Animation, Japan Anime, Video Games, Trailers, TV and Radio Commercials as well as Live Action performances in TV Series and Feature Films, that have aired around the world!

He’s been the voice of more Villains and Superheroes than you can shake Batman’s Utility Belt at. The list is too long for this Bio, but to name a few: Leonardo in TMNT The Next Mutation, Starscream in Transformers Armada, Energon & Cybertron, Nappa, Supreme Kai, Spopovitch, Jimmy Firecracker in Dragon Ball Z, Dryden in Escaflowne, Kazuki Fuse in Jin-Roh, Gen Revil in Gundam Wing, Cobra Commander, SGT Savage in GI Joe, Ronen The Accuser in The Fantastic Four, Freddy Duke “The Blob” in X-Men Evolution, Commander Forge, Makino in Max Steel, Zemerik, AJ Dalton in Battle Force 5, Hulk in Hulk vs Wolverine, Ghost in Iron Man Armored Adventures and yes, he’s voiced Batman, Joker, Alfred, Bruce Wayne and Thomas Wayne in the highly acclaimed Batman - Black & White series by Warner Premier!!!

He currently stars as Will Nekton and Hammerhead in the award winning animated series The Deep on CHRGD Network. As well as Bulk Biceps, Dr. Caballeron and The Dude in My Little Pony. Kernel Corn and Citrus in Pop Cap and E/A’s Plants VS Zombies GW2 and Finn Oxford in Barbie’s - Rock’n Royals.

Anime North is like coming home to family for Michael, “I love this Con... it was my first ever and I can’t wait to say hello to old friends and to all of you, whom I’ve yet to meet!!!”

For more info on Michael check out his Official Website at: www.michaelricharddobson.com

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