Warhammer is back at Anime North 2015 — All weekend long!

Space Marine Speed Painting Contest. Small entry fee, GW prizes!
Presented by The Game Chamber (http://thegamechamber.com/?page_id=36)


Warhammer is a table top miniatures game where (typically) 2-4 players bring various armies (different factions from the same world) that they have collected and fight out a battle over the course of a few hours. The table is decorated with theme appropriate terrain, which provides different effects on the course of the game. For example, it is more difficult to move through ruins than open fields, but you are more difficult to hit when in ruins. In order to make battles fair, the players agree on a “points size” to build there armies to, with each unit or character having a predesigned points value. There are two main types of Warhammer: Fantasy and 40K, taking place respectively in a world of swords and sorcery, and the far future.

The Warhammer event at Anime North consists of myself and a couple of mates bringing several of our own armies and enough terrain to fight several battles at once. We set up games and teach new players as they square off against one another. We occaisionally have room for a few experienced players to bring their own armies and have a match or two. We invite all who are interested to come out and try Warhammer without investing a penny.

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