Anime North 2013 Music Video Competition Winners

Here are the winners of the 2013 Anime Music Video Competition! Congratulations to all our winners and participants!

Category Awards

  • Northern Lights – Best in Show Award
    drewaconclusion “madokaAV”
  • Momiji no Video – Judges’ Choice Award
    Roachlord “Don’t Stop Arale Now!”
  • The Newbie – Novice Award
    Sprinkle Sprankles “[A Father’s Hope, A Mother’s Love]”
  • Momiji’s Challenge
    Xophilarus “Fidelity”

Criterion Awards

  • Editing
    CheMiX “Are Ya Ready 4 da Ruffneck Bass”
  • Cinematography
    Gunther “Till Then”
  • Creativity
    haunter103 “No Gendos”
  • Artistic Vision
    James Blond “What Are The Odds?”

Honourable Mention

  • Gold Medal – Challenge 1st Runner Up
    Ultimatetransfan “Heavy Metal”
  • Gold Medal – Special Merit
    nicolio1313 “We’ll Meet on the Slope”
  • Silver Medal – Overall Merit
    LoneSaiyan115 “BaBOOM!!!!!”
  • Bronze Medal – General Merit
    nicki_013 “Dead End”

Open Finalists

  • HeartCatch Rangers … Moonie
  • No Gendos … haunter103
  • No Silver, No Gold … fantasyreader12345
  • Don’t Stop Arale Now! … Roachlord
  • Armistice … SeNniN
  • Schizoception … mycathatesyou
  • Tough Love … I33tmeatwad
  • BaBOOM!!!!! … LoneSaiyan115
  • Holomon … Warlike Swans & Warlike Cygnet
  • We’ll Meet on the Slope … nicolio1313
  • Fight for the Fallen … Jethro
  • Dead End … nicki_013
  • Till Then … Gunther Are Ya Ready 4 da Ruffneck Bass … CheMiX
  • What Are The Odds? … James Blond
  • madokaAV … drewaconclusion

For a complete play list of all qualifying Anime North 2013 Music Video Competition entries, please visit The Teahouse of the Maple Moon, Anime North’s official message board.

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