The 404s

Join in the Anime North tradition of improvised anime hilarity! The 404s have been entertaining anime fans for over a decade around North America, and this weekend they're back at AN for their flagship shows. With your help, they’ll make up insanely funny scenes without a script, inspired by hot and classic anime! Check out their completely unique shows, including competitive “hockey-style” improv; a show where the team will create an entire “missing episode” of a popular anime; and the infamous "Last Pants Standing" show where your jaws will drop as much as the performers... You'll just have to see!


Friday – 5:00PM - 7:00PM in the Plaza Ballroom – Anime Improv Kickoff Show!

Stick around after the opening ceremonies (where we’ll be helping out anyway!) for the kickoff show of the weekend. We’ll be playing our favorite improv games, making up anime-inspired scenes right in front of you with your suggestions and participation! Start off your Anime North weekend with a barrel of laughs guaranteed to last until the next show!

Friday – 9:00PM - 10:00PM in the Toronto Room – The Longform Show!

It’s a great new show from The 404s! Teams of comedians will create two entire episodes of today’s popular anime with only a single suggestion from the audience. This year, we’re doing “Attack on Titan” and “Free!”, so be sure not to miss this one! Need to know more? Check out this YouTube introduction of how the show works:

Saturday – 6:00PM - 8:00PM in the Toronto Room – The Anime Improv League!

Depressed with the NHL playoffs? Join The 404s as they mix Canada’s national sport and anime-themed improv comedy for a rip-roaring tournament where the audience decides the victor! Four teams will try to create the best scene based on a suggestion from the referee, which are voted on by the crowd! For more on how this show will work and how you will participate:

Saturday – From after the Masquerade ends – 1:00AM-ish – Plaza Ballroom - Last Pants Standing!

It’s our late-nite, mature-rated, unpredictable anime improv show of insane comedy! The cast of The 404s will be cutting loose in a no-holds barred performance of improved laughs powered by your suggestions. And this is a competitive show – you vote for the losing improvisors, who’ll have to… Well, just look at the title of the show and don’t miss it!

Sunday – 4:00PM - 6:00PM – Plaza Ballroom – Anime Improv: The AN 2014 Farewell Show

Sadly, all conventions must come to an end, so bring your bags of swag and settle in with The 404s for a final show of improv madness! More games, more unrepeatable scenes, and more laughs than you can stuff into your anime body pillow! Join us as we bid farewell to another Anime North, and to one of our own veteran performers as he makes his final fabulous performance with The 404s!

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