Anime North 2017 Music Video Competition Finalists

Here are the winners of the 2017 Anime Music Video Competition! Congratulations to all our winners and participants!

Category Awards

  • Northern Lights – Best in Show Award
    Shin "Weeaboo Peekaboo"

  • Momiji no Video – Judges’ Choice Award
    shorisquared "La Vida Madoka"

  • Momiji’s Challenge
    Maboroshi Studio "Honest Trailer Yuri on Ice"

  • The Newbie – Novice Award
    Peppermint Grinder "Shin Megami Tensei Q Fire Emblem"

Criterion Awards

  • Editing
    Kyci "Twintails and Music Clubs"

  • Cinematography
    UnluckyArtist "Unsatisfied"

  • Creativity
    King Redeem "One Horn Man"

  • Artistic Vision
    Gina Nelson "#TalkSkatingToMe"

Honourable Mention

  • Silver Medal – Overall Merit
    ngsilver "Vicissitude"

  • Silver Medal – Overall Merit
    AMV-X "Stay With Me"

Challenge Finalists

  • "Sailor Mars" by MinetChan
  • "MoeVision" by Pikapwn
  • "Disover Animerica" by Special Ed
  • "Honest Trailer Yuri on Ice" by Maboroshi Studios
  • "How Much Stuff Can You Stuff in Your Stuffiez?" by Summersunset2007
  • "Blood Squad" by Speedy180

Novice Finalists

  • "Shin Megami Tensei Q Fire Emblem" by Peppermint Grinder
  • "Blank Space" by Laura Reed
  • "Fates Collide" by pantsuOfd00m
  • "Mr. Satan-Glorious" by Jeremy Prutchick

Open Finalists

  • "Vicissitude" by ngsilver
  • "Just 5 Yen" by Tigrin
  • "Night Witches" by Sephiroth
  • "Unsatisfied" by UnluckyArtist
  • "Stay With Me" by AMV-X
  • "WHO ARE THE HOSTS TODAY? " by Armed and out of medication productions
  • "A Tale of Two Love Stories" by Summersunset2007
  • "‘F-U’ in Response to the C-Word" by Donna Secillano
  • "#TalkSkatingToMe" by Gina Nelson
  • "The Fun Has Just Begun!" by Jordan Sparks
  • "Stalk Footage" by NWJ
  • "For Mio Lovers" by Moonie
  • "The Marathon" by James Blond
  • "Falling Stars" by AngelMaeVictory
  • "La Vida Madoka" by shorisquared
  • "Unstoppable" by Tyler Lee
  • "To Serve Man" by drewaconclusion
  • "DeCake" by AntaresHeart07
  • "Twintails and Music Clubs" by kyci
  • "Ashen Chords" by Xophilarus
  • "One Horn Man" by King Redeem
  • "Numinous" by MrNosec
  • "Make Love, Not Explosions" by Glitzer
  • "Geass War" by Speedy180
  • "Weeaboo Peekaboo" by Shin
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