Anime North 2017 Masquerade Winners

Here are the winners of the 2016 Masquerade! Congratulations to all our winners and participants!

Young Fan

Most Poke-mazing 1: Squirtle
Best Family Cosplay 2: Card Captor Sakura
Most Legend- wait for it – dary 4: Zygarde 100% Form

Novice – Workmanship

Honourable Mention for Finishing 5: BrokenTales
Honourable Mention: Creative Engineering 14: Flightless Angel
Honourable Mention: Recycled Materials 22: GrindBlue Fantasy
Best Group 6: Q-C-O-B-B Cosplay
Best Armor 17: Didn't See That Coming Did Ya
Best Tailoring 25: Swedish Chef
Best Detailing 34: Performance Review of Ice and Fire
Best Original Design 36: The Oracle
Best Recreation 38: Titan Friendly Cosplay
Arda Canada Award for Wig Work 28: Ragyo Kiryuin
Best in Class Workmanship: Novice 19: Gayterview with the Vampire

Novice – Stage

Most Elegant 36: The Oracle
Best Stage Makeup 31: Darth Kalina
Fierce as Hell 28: Ragyo Kiryuin
Best Interpretation 26: Wizard's Waltz
Best Staging 22: GrindBlue Fantasy
Best Characterization 16: RED Triumphs
Best Dance 15: Aquamarine
Most Atmospheric 5: Broken Tales
Karisu Wen Judge's Choice Award for Best Family 6: Q-C-O-B-B Cosplay
Jesse Lagers Judge's Choice Award fro Longest Train Ride 7: Gordon Freeman
Best in Class: Novice 17: Didn't See That Coming Did Ya

Journeyman – Workmanship

Honourable Mention for Armor and Accessories 18: We Hy-rule!
Honourable Mention for Engineering 39: Play of The Game
Honourable Mention for Prop 30: Battle Bunny Riven
Best Recreation 33: Orchid Parade
Best Traditional Tailoring 37: The Strength of the Samurai
Best in Class Workmanship: Journeyman 35: Future Witness: Lucina

Journeyman – Stage

Honourable Mention for Great Boots Kyubey
Honourable Mention for Grace Under Pressure 27: Dark Elementalist Lux
Best Presentation 30: Battle Bunny Riven
Best in Class: Journeyman 33: Orchid Parade

Artisan – Workmanship

Honourable Mention for Modeling and Finishing 3D Print 51: Frozen Grief
Best Prop 49: Round and Round

Artisan – Stage

Best in Class: Artisan - Individual 40: One Fateful Day
Best in Class: Artisan - Group 45: Peace with Justice or a Revolution

Master – Workmanship

Honourable Mention for Underpinnings 48: Dreams Come True
Honourable Mention for Painting 61: Vaporeon's Got Moves
Honourable Mention for Detailing 55: The Last Resort
Honourable Mention for Engineering 57: A Love For All Time
Best Recreation 56: The Damsel that Prefers the Knight Life
Best Tailoring 58: Let's Rock
Best Soft Sculpture 62: 90s Classics
Best in Class Workmanship: Master 46: A Brother in Need

Master – Stage

Kaijugal Judge's Choice Award for Artistic Interpretation 46: A Brother in Need
Best Staging 60: Heveanly Performance
Best Choreography 24: Fire and Flames
Best Stage Presence 53: Be A Mon
Best in Class: Master 57: A Love For All Time

Best in Show: Workmanship

44: Hook

Best in Show

47: A Breath of the Wild

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