Contact Details for this Web site
1 Donald Simmons General Inquiries
2 David Simmons Registration
3 Irwin Tan Executive Director / Con Chair
4 Chris Saltis Liaison Department
5 Tiago Medeiros & Dani Twizdead Art Room & Exhibits
6 Eileen McEvoy Programming
7 Fingers Delaurus Panels Coordinator
8 Donald Simmons Operations
9 Jessica Simon Comic Market
10 Nam Nguyen Volunteering
11 Nancy Bruce Charity Auction
12 Media & Press Related Inquiries Media/Press
13 Dawn McKechnie Cosplay Department
14 Chris Warrilow Cosplay Weapons/Props Questions
15 Sunil Pai & Erica Pai Masquerade
16 Erin Emms Skit Contest
17 Etuska Varga Dealer's Room
18 Tomoe Shimizu Operation Services
19 Chris Saltis Japanese Guest Relations
20 Chris Saltis North American Guest Relations
21 Liz Passmore Mobility Access
22 Jessica Simon Corporate Information
23 Grzegorz Radziwonowski Program Book Advertising
24 Grzegorz Radziwonowski Marketing
25 Elana Zatzman Web System Support
26 Webmaster Website
27 Ian Stuart Publications & Flyers
28 Chris McKenna Anime Name That Tune
29 Chris McKenna Nominoichi
30 Janet Embury Anime Music Video Contest
31 Erin Miklos Gaming
32 Regina Simon Promotional Tables
33 John Martin Model Contest
34 Sabrina Conley Doll North
35 Victor A Convention Ambassasdor and Chief of Transportation
36 Gryvon Yaoi/Yuri North
37 Kathleen “Irulanne” Boucher Anime North Idol
38 Ken Campbell Game Shows
39 Lisa Lai Cafe Nocturne
40 Cat Caira Workshops
41 Cat Caira Guidebook
42 Nickle & Miliyah Pop Idol Dance Showcase
43 Moonlight Ball Moonlight Ball
44 Fashion Show Fashion Show
45 Elise Kama K-Pop Kigurumi Dance
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