Anime North 2006 - Crash Space Guidelines


Anime North will have a LIMITED amount of “crash space” (i.e. sleeping space) available for volunteers. Please read the following guidelines concerning applying for crash space carefully. Note that the convention DOES NOT guarantee that crashs pace will be available for everyone interested in it.

1.0  Crash space is limited and available on a first-come, first served basis only. We cannot promise access to it before the con or guarantee space to everyone who wants it.

2.0  It is available Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights for convention volunteers,

3.0  It is segregated: males in one room, females in another. No Exceptions.

4.0  Your room will be assigned to you by the Crash Space Manager. You may not switch or trade your room.

5.0  You will be sharing the room with other Volunteers assigned by the Crash Space Manager. Nobody else is permitted to enter the crash space room. NOBODY!

6.0  To sign up you must obey the following process. You must repeat the entire process, including paying the $5 fee, every night you wish to share crash space.

7.0  To qualify you must have completed a minimum of 3 hours of work by Friday night to qualify for Friday access, a minimum of 6 hours by Saturday to qualify for Saturday access and a minimum of 3 hours of work by Sunday night to qualify for Sunday access

8.0  To apply for crash space you must ask for it when you sign in at the volunteer office. After you have worked sufficient hours, return to the volunteer office, pay your crash space access fee of $5, and your space will be approved. You must work your volunteer hours, and then pay the $5, before your space is locked in.

9.0  After your space is approved, you must return to the volunteer office, or just outside the door if it is closed, at 11:30 PM. At this time only the Crash Space Manager will confirm your name against his list of people who are approved and show you to your assigned room.

10.0  If you are not inside, or in front of, the office when the crash space manager is you may miss your opportunity for crash space. If you arrive late and the crash space manager has already left then you are out of luck for that night. No Refund.

11.0  There will be a wake-up call at 9 AM, and the room is to be cleared out by 10 AM. You cannot leave any belongings in the room, even if you plan on reapplying for crash space the following day.

12.0  If you wish "Crash" before 11:30, or your volunteer duties will keep you working after the 11:30  deadline, you must speak to the Crash Space Manager in advance. Special arrangements may be made at the discretion of the Crash Space Manager.

13.0  If you have any special sleeping requirements, like you use a Respirator or have a Medical condition that effects your sleep, please tell the Crash Space Manager in advance and we try to assist you as best we can.

14.0  Finally remember, Crash space is not your Right or our gift to you. Please respect the rules. If you have any problems please contact the Crash Space Manager. And don't forget, you ARE in a hotel, you can always get your own room, and make your own rules! Should you forget, and violate our rules, we will happy to remind you of that fact.


Thank you from the entire ANIME NORTH Convention Committee for Volunteering