Immigration Info for Foreign Dealers

Anime North 2006

US Dealer Information Required to Obtain a Work Permit for Canada

Due to the enforcement of the various Immigration laws in Canada, the Canadian government requires that all Non-Canadian Citizens or permanent residents to have the required work permit  forms to participate at Anime North 2006.

In order to make this process as easy as possible for our foreign Dealers, please read the following instructions and guidelines. If you have any questions, please contact Etuska Varga at:

The information here is provided by Human Resources and Skills Development Canada- Foreign Immigrant Workers Branch- by the Supervisor of that division. We have translated it into basic terms so that the information required for processing is clear and in plain language.

Reference: Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulation 205(a)

Foreign Dealer FAQ

Who has to get a Work Permit?

  • Foreign nationals selling goods and taking money from con attendees at your dealer booth need employment authorizations.
  • If you are NOT Canadian BUT will only be SUPERVISING Canadians taking money from con attendees at your dealer booth- you do NOT need temporary employment authorization.
  • If you are bringing friends and family along and they are NOT taking money at your dealer’s booth, they DO NOT need temporary employment authorization for them.
  • If you are just demonstrating goods ONLY and NOT taking money, personally at your dealer’s booth - you DO NOT need a temporary employment authorization.

What is the process of getting a Work Permit?

  • If you do not require a Temporary Resident Visa to enter Canada you can apply for your employment authorization at a Canadian Port of Entry. Be sure to tell the Immigration Officer that you will be selling the goods that you will be exhibiting at the convention- Anime North.
  • (A list of countries whose citizens require this Visa can be found at .)                 
  • Present your letter of introduction (provided by Anime North) to the Immigration Officer at the same time as you apply for your Work Permit.
  • Processing at the Port of Entry may take time, so please consider that in your travel plans.
  • You can also apply BEFORE hand at the Canadian CONSULATE nearest you.
  • You must have proof of your citizenship. The Immigration Officer will ask you to show picture ID and ask you some simple questions. If you have a passport- bring it.  Note to U.S. citizens : a driver’s license or social security card to not prove citizenship.  Contact your nearest Canadian consulate or check for details regarding what does and what does not prove citizenship.
  • The cost of the Work Permit is $150.00 CDN per person, which must be paid DIRECTLY at the point of Entry to the Canadian Government. This is the responsibility of the dealer.
  • FAILURE to comply with the above will result in being denied entry to Canada.
  • MISREPRESENTATION at the border and to latter discovery in Canada will result in arrest, imprisonment and/or heavy fines and immediate deportation (being barred for life) from Canada.
  • THE WORK PERMIT IS THE SOLE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE DEALER AND HIS/HER EMPLOYEES. Anime North will be doing the bulk of the paperwork to ensure the process is seamless and as little work for the dealer.
  • If you do NOT have a Resident Alien Status in the USA (a green card)/ not a US CITIZEN, and are not from a visa exempt country - and will be acting as a dealer/taking money - you MUST arrange your Work Permit  with the CANADIAN EMBASSY near you.

How much does this cost?

  • The cost of processing is 150.00$ Canadian for each application.
  • It is paid at the point of Entry into Canada to the Immigration Office.
  • It is the responsibility of the individual/dealer to pay this processing fee.

Do my friends and family need Work Permit?

  • If they are coming to enjoy the con - no
  • If they are coming to demonstrate products - no
  • If they are coming to supervise CANADIAN convention workers - no
  • If they are coming to "watch" your dealers’ tables - no
  • If they are taking money from con attendees/handling sales - YES

For more information, please go to:

We at Anime North welcome dealers from the US and will make every attempt
possible to ensure your working-visit to be an enjoyable one. If you have
ANY questions or require further clarification- please contact Etuska Varga

Thank you---
Anime North 2006

(Updated 2005-03-25 by Officer Keith Arseneau, CBSA)