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What's there to see and do?

* Guest Speeches * Jpop Dance Party * Otaku Dating Game
* Cel Painting Workshop * Live Music * J Idol * King of Games Tournament
* 2 Masquerades * All Star Charity Auction * Art Workshops * Go Tournament
* Discussion Panels * Anime Music Video Contest * Para Para Flash
* Martial Arts Displays * Model Contest * Autographs * Anime Hell
* Momiji Award Brunch * Trigun Doughnuts * Anime Name That Tune
* Jrock Videos * Gaming Demos * Beat The Otaku * Meet & Greet with the Guests
* Anime Improv * Voice Acting Workshops * Comedy Cabaret * Art Auction
* Model Contest * Video Gaming * All Night Anime * Yaoi North *

Details coming soon...

Gothic Lolta and Doll Meet    

The tentative 2005 Schedule has been posted

The Momiji Award

Making a convention like Anime North happen takes an enormous amount of hard work and dedication from an all-volunteer staff, yet it still wouldn't be possible without the people who laid the foundations and helped to nurture the world-wide love of anime and manga that we all share. This was never more obvious than in 2001, when our Guest of Honour was Mr. Fred Ladd, a television pioneer who, as a producer in the 1960's brought many anime titles to North American television for the first time.

The executive committee of the convention felt that we should pay him a special honour to recognize this fact and teach our younger attendees the history behind the anime and manga that they enjoy and encourage them to appreciate the artists who create it. We named the award "the Momiji" after our convention's mascot, "Hoppouno Momiji" who we think of as an average Japanese schoolgirl who visits her friends in Canada once a year to share what she loves about her everyday life in Japan.

The engraved crystal award was presented to Mr. Ladd by the Assistant Consul General of Japan at a brunch held in his honour in the lovely garden of the Marriott hotel. Those present were moved by his gracious acceptance speech and asked us to make the "Momiji" an annual award so that we could continue to honour those who have used anime and manga to bring Japanese and North American people closer together.

In 2002 we presented the Momiji to Takayuki Matsutani of Tezuka Studio to recognize all of their wonderful creations like Astroboy, who was celebrating his 50th birthday that year. In 2003 the award was given to Frank Miller, an American comic book artist who brought manga into his own body of work and created an entirely new type of art for North American comic books, as well as bringing translated manga titles to an English-speaking audience.

For 2004, the staff of Anime North feel that the stories and characters of Hayao Miyazaki have taught them so many things about Japan, about Japanese people, and about themselves whether their favourite is Tonari no Totoro, or Mononoke-hime, Spirited Away or one of many other Studio Ghibli films. That is why we are proud to be able to honour Mr. Miyazaki and Studio Ghibi with the 2004 Momiji Award in return.

Thursday May 26th
Doubletree Hotel, Terrace Room
7:00 - 10:00 pm

Free for Pre-registered Members ...click for details

Hate the lineup to get into the con?
Think there are better ways to spend your time at Anime North?

So do we, that's why we're inviting everyone who buys their memberships ahead of time to a special kick off party Thursday evening.

* You must be a Pre-registered Member of Anime North to Attend

Gothic Lolta and Doll Meet

The purpose of this event is to gather people who share the same interests, Gothic Lolita fashion and doll collecting. Why? There are many Gothic Lolita who are interested in dolls and many doll owners who are in love of the Gothic Lolita fashion for their dolls, sometimes, it is both. The Gothic Lolita Fashion sometimes looks like it's been inspired by dolls, so the two themes cross themselves. The meet is to share ideas and fashion tips, look at pretty dollies and snack on a cookie or two. This event is for fun and if popular we might do a tea party next year.

Who can come?
Anyone dressed in Gothic Lolita style, be it, sweet, punk, country, Aristocrat,
Kodona, etc. Also anyone who will come to the con with a Japanese doll
(Volks, DoD, Luts, Pullips, Blythe, etc) is also welcome. People with dolls are not required to be dressed in Gothic Lolita fashion (it would be cute though). The dolls are not required to be dressed in Gothic Lolita fashion (But that would also be cute)

Well would that be enough? or do you need more info?


  • BYOC! Yes, we'll be holding both open gaming and tournaments in our Main Video Gaming area and new Mini-Arcade area
  • Mini Arcade for hand held gamers to bring their handheld systems to play with others!
  • Mobile Suit Z-Gundam: A.E.U.G. Vs Titans tournament and Tekken 5 Tournament!
  • The 3 Day Street Fighter Challenge on the PS2:
  • Puzzle/Puzzling Game 3 day extravaganza:
  • CCG Explosion this year!
  • First Big Live RPG by the Imagination Theatre Association!
  • Not to miss out on tabletop RPGs, there will also be many Big Eyes, Small Mouth Tri System RPG sessions throughout the con.

...click for details


Thanks to the huge response to this contest last year, J-idol is back again this year and it's bigger than ever!

Round one will take place on Saturday afternoon. Four finalists will be chosen from each category: J-pop and J-rock. and the Finals will be held on Sunday afternoon.

If you are interested in participating in J-idol, please submit your application with your name, title of song, category you want to enter (J-rock or J-pop), with your choice of song attached. Because of the confusion that occurred the previous year with CD tracks, songs must be sent to us. Applications can be sent to: bunz09@gmail.com

Please make your decisions soon. We need to start organizing and sending out information for the contestants as soon as possible. The deadline to enter J-idol is MAY 14, 2005. Prizes will be announced soon. Have fun choosing and remember to practice your song! Thank you


DUBS TIME FORGOT explores the mysterious world of North American anime releases of the pre-DVD age. Forgotten gems from the 60s, 70s and 80s are uncovered for your amusement and education. We'll show unreleased pilots, direct-to-video oddities, and failed promotions - and you'll discover exactly how many times one Lupin III film can be dubbed into English!


TOTALLY LAME ANIME: a brain-bending trip through some of the worst examples of Japanese animation. Incomprehensible storylines, unbeliveable characters and situations, and flat-out cheap, shoddy animation will force you to realize that sometimes Japanese cartoons are as bad as any other cartoons on Earth. And yet, this totally lame anime is sometimes more entertaining that quality productions costing ten times as much! Let's explore the mystery together.


ANIME HELL: CANADA - Now, Canadians can experience ANIME HELL without having to cross the border and run the risk of deportation to Syria. ANIME HELL is a three-hour live mix of short films, fake commercials, weird advertisements, cheesy educational films, movie trailers, news clips, parody films, and other indefinable bits of video strangeness culled from the collections of anime fans around the globe. Probably offensive, definitely inexplicable, and usually entertaining. Don't miss it!! Warning: contains Heino.


For the 5th consecutive year John Martin brings us yet another toy display from his personal collection of Anime themed toys & models. This year with the Momiji award recipient being Carl Macek the man who brought North American audiences the Robotech saga back in the early 1980's the theme will be toys & models from all three parts of that trilogy. He did let it slip that some of the manufacturers may surprise you. So once again be sure to bring your cameras because like in past years photography is not only welcomed but actively encouraged


Yep the contest that got off to such a good start last year with such high quality work is back this year. We also have a few surprises for awards this year that were not part of last years show. So select your best work and feel free to enter it. Remember that like last year the categories are based on the complexity of the model not the age of the entrant.

This link is to a printable registration form
http://www.geocities.com/johncm.geo/page22.html so you can save time and have the paper work done before you arrive. Like with last year I would encourage all entrants to please type or print your information on the registration form. It just makes it easier to read. If you have any questions feel free to post them at this link
2005 Model show & I'll be happy to answer them. Good luck to everyone.

More events to follow soon.

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