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Media/Press FAQ

Q-What is a "Media Badge" and how do I get one?
A-The Anime North media badge identifies you as a member of the press and gives you access to the media office, the media office/room and special events for the duration of the convention. This year, we are asking all members of the press to fill out the applications and submit it by Saturday, May 7, 2005. All media badges are COMPLIMENTARY. Requests are approved on a case-by-case basis. You will be notified by e-mail. Lost media badges can only be replaced at the discretion of Anime North. A replacement fee will be assessed for lost/forgotten badges. Media passes may be picked up during the convention from the media office, unless otherwise posted, so, please check in at the registration desk for directions, ID will be required in order to pickup media passes.

Q-I missed the deadline of May 7, 2005 because I forgot/couldn't register! Can I still get a media badge? What do I do now?
A-If you just couldn't register online before May 7, 2005, come to the Media office, bring with you a picture ID and some or all of the following materials: Tear sheets featuring your byline, professional association membership cards in your name, or your business card with a letter of introduction on company letterhead from the media organization you represent. Present these materials to the media Staff, and fill out the application form they hand you. A Member of Anime North will review your materials and either approve or deny your application on the spot. If you are approved, you will be given a media kit and a badge.

Please note- there is NO guarantee that applications will be processed after the due date or onsite at the convention. This decision will solely be made on the availability of the Anime North staff during the event.

Q-Will I be able to attend workshops, panels and other events?
A-Yes, media representatives are allowed into function space during panels, workshops and special events as observers only. Any media representative who is deemed to be disruptive or otherwise makes guests or attendees uncomfortable will be required to leave if asked by the event coordinator. Final authority for what happens during scheduled events rests with the event coordinator, the programming Director and programming staff.

Q-What else is the Media Badge good for?
A-Aside from access to the convention and opportunities to interview the GoHs, special sections are set aside for certain events (namely opening, closing ceremonies, charity auction and masquerade) for members of the media to view the event and take pictures. Show your badge at the door. Seating is limited, so please register in the media office during office hours. Please arrive 30 minutes in advance of the event. Seating requests submitted after office hours may not be honored, and seating is not guaranteed. A media badge grants you special reserved seating at certain events and access to press sessions, but does not grant any special line privileges or personal access to Guests of Honor.

Q-How many Media Badges are allowed per publication?
A-The limit is two per publication. Anime North may grant exceptions at their discretion.

Q-What is the "Green Room"?
A-The green room is an area reserved for guests as a convenient place to go between appearances in order to relax and prepare for their next appearance.

Q- Who/what are the Anime North ConCom?
A- The Anime North ConCom are the executive body of the Convention Committee, their distinguished by the word "ConCom" upon their staff badges, with a lot of responsibilities their time is often limited and it is asked that all questions, needs or issues first be addressed with media staff who will then forward the required information if/where it is needed.

Q-Will I be allowed access to the green room?
A-No, please respect the guests privacy, having only limited amounts of time between appearances in order to prepare we ask that they allowed that time uninterrupted. A separate time will be arranged in order to accommodate interviews in another location.

Q-What is the "Media Room"
A-The media room serves both as the main office for media as well as a location to do interviews, photo shoots and a place to relax, talk and compare notes with your fellow media representatives, access will be restricted to those carrying media badges only. Hours and availability will be at the discretion / availability of media staff, subject to interviews and other arranged times.

Q-What about Guests of Honor interviews?
A-Every GoH gives an interview session, which is held in the media room. Members of the press are encouraged to take this opportunity to meet the GoH and ask questions. Interview schedules are included in the media kit and changes are posted on the announcement board in the media office. Only media members with valid media badges are allowed to attend these GoH press interviews. Please do not try to bring your own guests with you - without media badges, they will be refused entry.

Q-What are my responsibilities as a member of the press?
A-Anime North media badges are given to members of the media to facilitate their ability to disseminate information about our convention. Members of the media have certain privileges that many Anime North attendees do not possess. This includes reserved seating and opportunities to interview the GoHs. Please do not abuse your privileges. Examples of abuse of privileges include but are not limited to: harassing a GoH, requesting autographs or sketches during interviews, bringing a guest with you to sit in the seating area reserved for media members. If you are found to be abusing your media/press access privileges, we may be forced to revoke your media badge. To avoid any awkward situations, please review our policies.

Q-I'm a webzine, or a reporter for an anime news website. Do I qualify for a media Badge?
A-It depends. Please see our media qualification section, and submit the requested info to media@animenorth.com. We'll review your application and get back to you.

Q-Are there any special restrictions on filming the dealers room?
Ayes, Because of heavy traffic, media representatives are asked not to film inside the dealers room during the times it is open to the public without special permission from Anime North. An opportunity will be provided for filming tables and interviewing dealers before the room opens for the weekend. Once the doors open, there will be opportunities to film the room full and busy, times to be agreed on beforehand with Anime North.

Q-Will I be able to photograph the art show if I have a media badge?
A-No, photography of the art show is prohibited in order to protect the rights of the artists, please respect those rights as you would expect someone to respect those of your works. Those found in violation will be asked to leave and/or have their media badges revoked.

Q-Will I be able to use the media pass to skip lines? (IE: dealers room, panel rooms, special events, etc.)
A-No, however if access is required for legitimate reasons (IE: filming, heavy photo shooting, etc.) and immediate access is required contact a media staff representative to see if an exception can be made.

Q-Will I be able to store equipment between shoots in the media office?
A-No, unfortunately due to limited space we will be unable to provide a storage drop-off, media members are asked to make other arrangements to ensure your equipment is safely and securely stored elsewhere.

Q-I see attendees without media badges taking pictures, can I ask them to stop?
A- No, convention policies allow for photography or filming of events by the public within certain guidelines. Any attempt by media representatives to curtail or prevent convention attendees from legitimately doing so will be dealt with promptly by the staff of Anime North.

Q-I have a question that isn't addressed here
A-Forward your question to media@animenorth.com and we will do our best to answer you in a complete and timely manner.

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