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There are a maximum of two passes available per publication or website (additional passes, at the discretion of Anime North). Badges are not transferable and will have both a personal name and company or publication name on them. Badges must be worn at all times to ensure access to all convention function space and to media access areas. Only those who apply to Anime North before the deadline and have their name added to the approved list will be issued a media badge. Media representatives are expected to comply with the convention policies (http://www.animenorth.com/Main/policy.html) and failure to do so will result in the loss of media privileges and possible expulsion from the convention.


Badges will be available for pickup at media office, 2 pieces of identification will be required, one containing photo identification and another bearing name and position within your organization (IE professional membership card, business card, etc.) a single piece containing both may be accepted at the discretion of the media department staff



Time is a limited commodity and the first priority for the guests of Anime North will be their public appearances. Media representatives are asked not to approach them on their way to, during, or returning from panels, workshops or special events. Interviews must be arranged ahead of time by applying to the media liaison, but please note that due to the constraints of their schedules, there will be very little interview time available for individual media and most of it has already been spoken for. You will be asked to supply a short list of potential questions so the guests can prepare themselves for the interview. No On-The-Spot interviews of guests will be allowed during the convention.


The organizing committee and staff of Anime North will make every effort to be helpful and informative, but please keep in mind that they will be very busy that weekend and may be called away or unavailable when you want them. If you wish to interview the con chair or any senior department head, make the request along with your application so they can plan on setting time aside for that purpose as On-The-Spot interviews will not be possible.


Those who come to Anime North have paid to enjoy their weekend in peace and have the right to refuse to be filmed or interviewed if they so wish. Any interviews or filming must be done with the minimum disruption to traffic flow and nearby activities. Opportunities will be provided to photograph the masquerade contestants and other costumed attendees in a safe, organized setting.


Con Events

There will be very limited special media seating available for major events such as the opening Ceremonies, the masquerade, and the charity auction. Only those with media badges will have access to this seating.

Dealers Room

Because of heavy traffic, media representatives are asked not to film inside the dealers Room during the times it is open to the public without special
permission from the dealers room coordinator. An opportunity will be provided for filming tables and interviewing dealers before the room opens for the weekend. Once the doors open, there will be opportunities to film the room full and busy, times to be agreed on beforehand with Anime North.

Art Room

Filming inside the art room is not permitted at any time. Opportunities will be available throughout the weekend to film workshops and the modeling contest. Artists will be in attendance if you wish to arrange an opportunity to film their work in another location.

Con Office

Media are welcome to check in periodically for news but are asked to limit their time in the office due to size and crowding concerns. It will not be
possible to provide working space or store equipment for anyone other anime north. Media representatives are required to make their
own arrangements for work space and equipment storage.

Green Room

The green room is for the convenience and relaxation of the guests and staff. Media representatives will not be allowed in unless accompanied by media liaisons. Recording will not be allowed.

Media Office

The media office serves both as the main office for media as well as a location to do interviews, photo shoots and a place to relax, talk and compare notes with your fellow media representatives, access will be restricted to those carrying media badges only. Hours and availability will be at the discretion/availability of media staff, subject to interviews and other arranged times.



Anime North runs on a very tight schedule. Barring unforeseen circumstances, you can expect events to happen where and when they are scheduled to. Updates and changes, when they occur, will be posted publicly outside every function room. The schedule can not be altered to accommodate the needs or wishes of media representatives.


Convention policies allow for photography or filming of events by the public within certain guide lines. Any attempt by media representatives to curtail or prevent convention attendees from legitimately doing so will be dealt with promptly by the staff of Anime North.

Media representatives are allowed into function space during panels, workshops and special events as observers only. Any media representative who
is deemed to be disruptive or otherwise makes guests or attendees uncomfortable will be required to leave if asked by the event coordinator.
Final authority for what happens during scheduled events rests with the event coordinator, the programming director and programming staff. Access to
media only seating, interview time and all other media privileges is at the discretion of the media liaisons and may be revoked at any time for
violations of convention policies or media guide lines. Any media representative who has had their privileges revoked will be required to
surrender their media badge and leave convention space. Final authority for everything that happens at Anime North rests with the con chair, executive
and in applicable cases, the facility management.

You will be notified before the convention if your application has been accepted. Media passes may be picked up during the convention at the media
office, please check in at the registration desk for directions.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact our Media Department at media@animenorth.com.

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