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Con Attendance Info - Parents' FAQ

With so many younger con goers, we realize parents out there worry about what their kids are in for when they come to Anime North. So we've put together this page to try and answer the questions you have.

The Organization

Anime North is a not-for-profit event run by volunteers who spend the year getting ready to put on a weekend that is lively, family-friendly and most of all dedicated to helping raise funds for the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto. Many of our people are parents themselves and we're all concerned with seeing that the kids who come to our convention benefit from the time they spend socializing with a wide range of others and seeing guest speakers from Japan and North America, as well as just having fun.


The hotels around the Toronto Congress Centre are located near the Pearson International Airport and used by many of the top airlines as stopover accommodations for their flight crews. With these hotels, you'll find clean, comfortable and attractive rooms with a full security staff. The TCC shares the block with other upscale hotels, restaurants for tourists and business travelers and the headquarters of some of Canada's top corporations in a district known for its safety and peacefulness at any time of the day.

Anime North has its own security force as well, keeping an eye on all the events, and a comprehensive set of policies to deal with any problems that may come up. In case of emergency, we have staff who work in the medical field or have had extensive training in first aid who will be capable of handling it.

We share your concerns about the most sensitive issues, like harassment and pay close attention to potential trouble. Anyone who thinks they may have a problem is encouraged to approach us at any time for help, though in the five years Anime North has been running, we've never had any notable incidents.


All events in Anime North function space, including our Dance and hospitality suite are alcohol-free. There is a bar in the hotel for those who wish to drink and are of legal age to do so.

Adult Material

To those who aren't familiar with anime, misleading press coverage may have given you the idea that it's nothing but "pornographic cartoons". This is anything but true. Anime ranges across the whole spectrum of genres and ratings, with the adult titles making up only a fraction of what's available. Far more common are children's shows, comedies, historical drama and literary classics. Most of what we show in the public viewing rooms at Anime North could be broadcast on TV without a problem. While we do show the occasional mature title, these are scheduled late at night and we restrict access to those over 18.

Artwork with adult content is not allowed to be displayed openly in our Art Show or Artists Alley, and our Dealers Room contract forbids the display or sale of such merchandise to underage shoppers.

Illegal Merchandise

Anime North does not allow the sale of merchandise that contravenes the
Criminal Code of Canada or provincial or local laws. Dealers contracts
specifically forbid such sales and every year, we work with law enforcement
to ensure that no illegal items “slip through”.

If you have any other questions or concerns, feel free to contact us at info@animenorth.com.


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