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Travis Willingham www.livejournal.com/users/mustangactor/

Travis Willingham is from Dallas, TX, and is a voice actor with Funimation
Productions. He is currently the VA for Colonel Roy Mustang on Fullmetal
Alchemist. His other VA credits include Yanagisawa in Yu Yu Hakusho, Tommy
Walker/Kelvin Tug in Case Closed, plus other various roles in Kiddy Grade,
Blue Gender, and DBZ. Travis has also worked professionally in stage and
screen for the past seven years. His supporting film credits include "Ray",
"Friday Night Lights", and "Secondhand Lions". His film profile can be seen
at www.imdb.com. Travis also has a livejournal page that he updates
frequently at www.livejournal.com/users/mustangactor . He currently lives in
Los Angeles and is continuing his career in commercials, film, and

Travis Willingham will not be appearing at Anime North for 2005- due to a major film deal. Travis has to start shooting the stills this week and will not be abble to attend Anime North.

He will be sending special items for the Charity auction and hopes to see everyone next year.



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