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Sam Vincent

Sam began acting in high school doing improv and stage plays.
At 15, he landed his first agent and started working professionally on TV
series such as "Wiseguy" and "21 Jump Street". His first foray into
animation was voicing the character of "Moku" on the Anime series, "Dragon

Since then, Sam has worked on several pre-lay and Anime series. Some of his
favorites are "Martin" and "Billy" on "Martin Mystery", "Athrun" on "Gundam
Seed", "Baby Bugs" ,"Daffy" and "Tweety" on "Baby Looney Tunes", "Dexter" on
"Hamtaro" and "Double D" on "Ed, Edd & Eddy".

Outside of acting, Sam enjoys spending time with his family on Vancouver
Island, playing his guitar and learning languages. In the future he hopes to
get a chance to do more traveling and devote more time to drawing. Upcoming
shows to listen for him on are "Krypto the Superdog", "Dragon Drive",
"Class of the Titans" and "Tom and Jerry".

Advice to those seeking a career in the entertainment industry would be to
develop a professional attitude. Talent is only part of the equation!
Your ability to collaborate and work hard will be the keys to your success.



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