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Michael Dobson
Actor, Director
Leonardo (TMNT), Goth (Silverwing), Dreydan (Escaflowne), Starscreamer(Transformers) and many more……

An accomplished and award-winning actor, Michael's talents are multi-faceted working in film, television, animation, video games, radio/television commercials and theatre.

Michael has worked on numerous Japan Anime projects such as "Transformers Armada" "Project Arms" "Jin Roh", "Dragon Ball Z", "Gundam Wing", "Trouble Chocolate", "Hamtaro", and "Earth Maiden Arjuna" "Escaflowne" to name a few. Also he has re-voiced characters on many TV series and MOW's posted in Vancouver.

As a lead voice over/animation actor he has performed in "Bionicle. The Mask of Light" a new Feature Film from Disney due out September 2003, playing two characters on Warner Brothers "X-Men Evolution" Freddy Dukes The Blob and Caliban, which won an Emmy, Cobra Commander on the up coming Feature Film "G.I. Joe Spy Troopers" due out in October 2003. The role of Erazmus in the new Mainframe production of "Barbie Swan Lake" coming to DVD in September 2003. The Lead Villan in Bardel Animations T.V. Series "Silverwing", playing the role of Goth. The villain Clive on "Mary Kate and Ashley's Animated Series". Big Ears on the series "Make Way For Noddy", Leonardo on the Fox Kids Network " The Mutant Ninja Turtles the Next Mutation". "Super Duper Sumos", "Something Else" and "Action Man", "G.I. Joe Extreme", "War Planets", "Reboot" and many more top series recorded in Vancouver and aired world wide.

Michael is the voice of many popular video games such as:

Electronic Arts "Hot Pursuit", "Hot Pursuit Need for Speed II", "Def Jam Vendetta" "Porsche Unleashed" "Kessen " "SSX Tricky 2" (still in Production), FIFA 2004 (Still in Production).
Radical Entertainment's "The Hulk" & "C.S.I." & Microsoft's "Midtown Madness UK".

His directing credits include Pioneer Entertainment "Ogre Slayer", "Hakkenden-Dog Warriors", Viz Video San Francisco "Ramna 1/2" and Jerry Bruckheimer's "Max Q", which he received a Nomination for Best Voice Casting from the Motion Picture Sound Editors' Golden Reel Awards.

In film and television Michael has many credits, a few of which are; "Just Cause" "The X-Files", "Ninja Turtles the Next Mutation", "Viper", "Seven Days" and "Mysterious Ways". He recently played Detective Steve Anderson on "Cold Squad", and a principal player in the Lawrence Kasdan Feature Film "Dream Catcher" based on the popular Stephen King novel of the same name.

Michael began his studies in high school in Ontario, performing with local theatre companies in Brampton. While completing his own high school education Michael taught "Theatre Arts" to grades 7 and 8's, for two years in an after school program. In 1979 Michael moved to Victoria , B.C. to continue his studies of Performing Arts at the University of Victoria.

While studying he performed in several productions with The Beacon Hill Theatre Company in Victoria, BC. He was a regular commercial voice for local ads at CHEK TV and radio stations CKDA, CFAX and CJVI. Later he worked for three years with "The Performers for Literacy" a children's theatre company promoting literacy among Children.

He joined VFS's Acting For Film and Television Program in 1998 and is still a member of the teaching faculty.

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