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Matt Hill

Matt Hill has been working steady in this awesomely crazy acting biz for about 15 years. Matt has worked on over 50 shows for cartoons and Anime.
More detailed info can be found at: www.imdb.com/name/nm0384503/

His most famous roles have been:
Gundam Seed- Kira
Cardcaptors- Kero

Most recent new roles include:
Being Ian- Korey
Dragon Booster- Artha

Matt is currently training for his 6th Ironman Triathlon and
trying to get to the world championships in Hawaii in October 2005.

Matt wants to thank ALL the HUGE ANIME FANS around the world for keeping me in limousines and 1st class !!!! KIDDING. But, thanks anyways for the support. YOU ROCK !



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