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Dragon Booster www.cbc.ca/dragonbooster/

Kevin Mowrer and Rob Travalino of The Story Hat www.thestoryhat.com will be joining us to tell us all that there is to know about the work involved in creating, developing and getting a great show on the air- such as the newest Canadian hit show- Dragon Booster www.cbc.ca/dragonbooster/

Kevin Mowrer

While Senior Vice President of R&D for Hasbro Toys, Kevin played a key role in increasing sales five-fold within 10 years by increasing the commercial potential of licensed properties and developing strong creative working relationships with Hollywood partners such as Warner Brothers, Sony, Fox, and Dreamworks on projects including: BATMAN (film and television), JURASSIC PARK, SMALL SOLDIERS, and MEN IN BLACK.

Recognizing the untapped potential of Hasbro's own brand portfolio, Kevin formed Hasbro's Fantasy Factory in 1998, an in-house intellectual property development group where led the development of cross category entertainment and commercial opportunities and successfully took them through to placement and production. Examples: the animated TV series TRANSFORMERS: BEAST WARS, TRANSFORMERS: BEAST MACHINES, ACTION MAN, TONKA JOE, and MR POTATO HEAD. Kevin founded THE STORY HAT™ on February 1, 2000

Rob Travalino

For nearly 15 years, Rob's experience as a commercial producer, art director, TV development writer, feature film and TV screenwriter and filmmaker, was instrumental in the entertainment, retail and promotional success of companies like Hasbro Toys, Warner Brothers, Lucasfilm, Universal, Sega Electronics, The Walt Disney Company and Coca Cola. Rob brought his expertise in marketing, promotion, production, direction, story development and property creation to brands like G.I. JOE, TRANSFORMERS, BATMAN, STAR WARS, ACTION MAN, TONKA, and many more.



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