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Cathy Weseluck
Actor, Director, Instructor

Internationally known, award-winning voice-over actor Cathy Weseluck's acting/production career extends over a wide range of areas. In addition to her continued success as a voice-over performer, Cathy's noted accomplishments also include her work as a t.v. actor, instructor, consultant, guest speaker, casting director/director, associate producer, writer, composer, performer and photographer. After having won several leadership and music awards for composition and music performance in her early years in Ontario ("The Children of Tomorrow"-International Year of the Child/CBC T.V.; Best Soloist/Composer-The Real Jam Competition; "Benjamin"-Ontario Place; Instrumental-Seagram's), Cathy went on to complete her Honours Music Degree/Sociology minor at Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Ontario. Through the University's Practicum Program with CBC in Toronto, Cathy worked as an editor, production assistant, writer/researcher, interviewer, stage-director, director and assistant producer for the CBC's Radio Music Department and following this, was awarded the position of Associate Producer for CBC Radio Two's internationally acclaimed "DiscDrive" in Vancouver, B.C. as part of the original team.

For over sixteen years, Cathy has also served as an accomplished and highly respected voice-over instructor and consultant for the film and t.v. industry and the public. In addition to creating and conducting her own voice-over workshops and private coaching sessions, Cathy has shared her knowledge at the CBC, casting symposiums, production companies, agencies, acting academies, secondary schools and institutions of higher learning. She was also invited by Capilano College in the late 90's to create and conduct a 10-week animation voice acting program entitled "Animation Voice Acting and Audio Production" which she taught for three years.

In 1988, with the encouragement of CBC Radio Host Jurgen Gothe, Cathy launched her voice-over career, first with radio and t.v. commercials ("Safeway", "A&W", "PlayDoh", "Geo Metro", "McDonalds", "Red Robin"…) and later, went on to master the voice-over world of animation, narration, a.d.r., the gaming industry, looping and other specialty voice-over projects. Her most recent commercials include "Staples", "Telus", "Disney", "Subaru", "Mattel" and "7-11".

Best known for her starring role as 'Cybersix' (and Adrian) in the award-winning TMS/N.O.A. series, "Cybersix", Cathy has performed in over 500 productions. Other well-known animation voice-over credits include: 'Scan' ("Team Tonka"), 'Bobby' ("Matchbox Heroes"), 'Young Trunks', 'Chaozu', 'Puar', 'Maron', 'Android 19', 'Angela' ("Dragonball Z"), 'Dorothy Catalonia' ("Gundam Wing"), 'Misa' ("Project Arms"), 'Snoozer', 'Laura's Mom', 'Omarr' ("Hamtaro"), 'Miraih', 'Kikka', 'Katz', 'Letz' ("Mobile Suit Gundam"), 'Kid Grave' ("Mega Man"), 'Midori' ("Maison Ikkoku"), 'Verne' ("UBOS: The Ultimate Book of Spells"), 'Chad' ("Generation 'O'"), 'Miss Hissy', 'Mrs. Winkle' ("The Cramp Twins"), 'Coco Loco' ("Capertown Cops"), 'Drill Sergeant Duck' ("Sitting Ducks"), 'LaPitch' ("LaPitch the Little Shoemaker"), 'Tumbler' ("Troll Tales"), 'Tara' ("Kleo the Misfit Unicorn"), 'Pearl the Oyster' ("Nilus the Sandman"), 'Empress Opal' ("The Stone Protectors") and of course 'Shampoo' ("Ranma ½") to name only a few! She has also performed hundreds of actor roles for other prime time animated shows ("Inuyasha", "Krypto", "Martin Mystery", "Yvon of the Yukon", "X-Men", "Transformers", "Noddy", "Dragon Tales", "Barbie in the 'Nutcracker', "The Roswell Conspiracies", "Reboot", "Donkey Kong Country", "Little Corduroy", "The Littlest Pet Shop", "Sonic the Hedgehog"…) and has also appeared in a variety of t.v. shows and feature films such as "Cold Squad", "Just Cause", "Stargate" and "I'll Be Home for Christmas".

Cathy has also served as a Casting Director, Director and/or Music Director for several animation, a.d.r., commercial, narrative, educational video, cd rom, corporate video and radio projects ("The Dino Babies", "The Little Mermaid", "Exosquad", "AT & T", "Fruit of the Loom, "The Brian Orser Story", "Sled Storm", "007 Racing", "My Little Pony Tales…") and has appeared as a guest speaker/performer on a number of occasions (Vancouver Trade Forum, CBC's "The Afternoon Show", "Almanac", "Definitely Not The Opera", "Double Exposure", "Arts National", Capilano College, Kwantlen College, BCIT).

Cathy is excited to be a part of "Anime North 2005" and would like to extend her thanks to all of the terrific fans who have been a steadfast support in the continued development of animation in North America and around the world!



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