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Special Guest of Honor:
Momiji Award Winner for 2005:

Carl Macek

Carl Macek has been involved with various forms of media since the mid-1970's. Graduating college with a degree in "The Theory and Criticism of the Visual Media" his career began as a journalist and West Coast editor for several publications but he soon he moved into marketing and promotional co-ordination for a number of high-powered entertainment companies. Starting with grassroots promotional work on milestone films such as STAR WARS and ALIEN he eventually divided his time between development and promotional efforts for companies such as MGM and COLUMBIA PICTURES and worked for numerous industry icons including Dino Di Laurentiis and Ivan Reitman. Along the way Macek wrote or co-edited several books on filmmaking. Eventually he became a "genre expert" specializing in science fiction and animation.

In 1984 Macek began his association with Japanese animation. He worked with Harmony Gold, U.S.A. to develop the ground-breaking anime series ROBOTECH which has been credited with igniting the still growing anime movement outside of Japan. Following his success with ROBOTECH, Macek began working for D.I.C. to develop new animation and merchandising properties. This led to his association with John Kricfalusi and later Bill Kroyer. Macek worked with Kroyer as a writer/producer and then split off with Kricfalusi to start an independent animation studio, which later became SPUMCO.



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