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Brian Drummond
Vegeta, Captain Harlock, Jetstorm, Aiden Avalon, Allen Schezar, Zechs Merquise

As one fan has questioned- why does Brian Drummond always seem to play characters that have an affinity for blue outfits?

Brian Drummond got his start in voice-acting in a fairly roundabout way: While attending the Studio 58 theater school in Vancouver and performing on stage, he noticed the growing market for voice-actors, and grew interested in auditioning for voice roles. His first audition was for the computer-animated series Reboot, and although he didn't get the part, he had fun at the audition and went out again when a large "cattle call" casting came up for G.I. Joe Extreme. This time, Drummond got a callback and landed one the lead characters, Ballistic (a.k.a. Eagle Eye in the series' second season). Then, an audition for Dragon Ball Z landed him the part of the charismatic Saiyan, Vegeta.

Now Brian has acted in various anime titles and television features to include Dragon Ball Z, Cybersix, Gundam Wing, 3000 Miles to Graceland, Back in Black, Stargate SG1 and many more- so much more- its too long to list!

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