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BYOC! Yes, we'll be holding both open gaming and tournaments in our Main Video Gaming area and new Mini-Arcade area, so we invite you to make it a more fun time by bringing your own controller to use! As long as it's in good condition and not customizable, feel free to bring your controllers for the Playstation 2, X-Box, Gamecube, and Dreamcast tournaments. We'll have in the arcade a Nintendo 64 and you can also donate for use your system for the Arcade.

For volunteering systems or volunteering in general, check the website or ask for more info at the con.

Handheld gamers unite! Also new this year for video gamers is an area in the Mini Arcade for hand held gamers to bring their handheld systems to play with others! Hold your own tournaments or play for fun at the Arcade.

Video Game tournaments: The King of Gaming Tournament is back but that's not all!

SPONSORED By Kuramae Hobby
(222 Spadina Ave. Suite 276, China Town Centre, Toronto, Ontario)

Mobile Suit Z-Gundam: A.E.U.G. Vs Titans tournament and Tekken 5 Tournament!

The 3 Day Street Fighter Challenge on the PS2: Come play on each day for great prizes in this look back at Street Fighter Games.

  • Friday at 8PM will be the SNK Vs Capcom tourney.
  • Saturday at 12PM come play in the Street Fighter 3: Third Strike off the Anniversary Collection,
  • Sunday top it off with the Retro Day challenge of Street Fighter Alpha 3.

Big prizes will go to top players each day and the top 3 culmulative ranked players of the three day challenge!

Puzzle/Puzzling Game 3 day extravaganza: Yes it sounds puzzling so come down to test your noggin' at the start of each con day in the Main Gaming area. So far we will have Katamari Damacy on the PS2 and Puyo Pop on the Dreamcast to test your gaming skills. Prizes for top players.

CCG Explosion this year! The collector card scene is growing for anime and non-anime related games and we look to supply you many tournaments and an area to meet and trade cards with fellow players! Pokemon (Sponsored by Skyfox Games), Yugioh, Gundam War and Digimon are some of the tourneys being held throughout the convention, and bring your cards to get signed by the Voice actors who played them in your favorite anime.

First Big Live RPG by the Imagination Theatre Association! Ever wanted to act out in a murder msytery like RPG? Now's your chance with Friday's tournament by ITA. More info is on the Teahouse Message Boards

Not to miss out on tabletop RPGs, there will also be many Big Eyes, Small Mouth Tri System RPG sessions throughout the con. So bring your 6 sided dice and guides to play a session or two! From Macross to Sailor Moon, from occult to space opera themed sessions, we got a bit of everything for you to try. Please show up early for those sessions as each has its own capacity setting.


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