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Fan Fiction Contest

The Fanfiction Contest returns, but this year we've changed the rules to given contestants more guidance and a chance to showcase different aspects of their writing talents. As before, winners will share from their works in a coffeehouse awards ceremony Saturday morning.

Northeastern Horizons 2005 - PDF

Anime North Fanfic Contest 2005!
Have the urge to write? Want to tell tales not yet told with your favorite characters? Like to speculate on paper? Wonder "what if" or "why" - and then have to follow up? In short, do you write anime and/or manga fanfic?

If you do, you can place your best entry in the Anime North Fanfiction Contest!

How do you enter? Simple!

Stories are to submitted as a raw text file (*.txt) with paragraph breaks
between paragraphs. They are to be emailed to fanfiction@animenorth.com. We
do not take snail-mailed entries. Also, when you submit a story, submit it
with a one-paragraph summary, a list of the theme you feel it fits
(romance, drama, etc.), and which anime(s) it's from. Stories should be
7000 words maximum. There is no minimum size.

Make sure to leave us an email address where we can contact you.

Entry deadline is April 15th, 2005

All entries must be emailed to fanfiction@animenorth.com. The deadline this
year is 11:59 PM April 15th. We will accept up to 50 entries.

There are a few rules for entries:

  • Only one entry per person.
  • No mixing languages unless appropriate or if there is no proper
    translation of a term - otherwise write in English. If you use unfamiliar
    terms in other languages, provide a handy dictionary at the start.
  • Use proper spelling and grammar - unless absolutely necessary to the
  • Must be in story format - no scripts, etc.
  • Stories must be based on an anime, manga, or video game that is
    Japanese in origin.
  • Stories must be strongly based on original continuity - No alternate
    universes, re-mapping of characters. Future, past, and crossover stories
    fully acceptable. If it is a crossover, only one of the continuities used
    has to be anime or manga.
  • Stories must stand alone - don't submit part of a series unless it
    stands on its own. Please note if it is part of a series when you submit it.
  • Stories should avoid excesses of sex and violence, being roughly acceptable for public consumption. Think PG or so.

You do not have to attend Anime North to win, though it is preferred since we like to give the winners a place to discuss their skills!. We will need you real name to present the award. We will NOT give your name to judges. If you are unable to attend, please let us know.

Winners get printed up in a 'zine that will be distributed at the awards ceremony and listed on our website.

So, go find your best work and send it, or create something anew. We're waiting!

What prizes are there?

Grand Prize Best story overall.
Plot Best plot - most believable, interesting, involving.
Characterization Best characterization, exploration of characters, consistency, depth.
Prose Best technical writing.
Setting Best use of setting, most believable use of setting, best detail,
Originality Use of interesting ideas, unexpected but logical
twists. Surprise and convince us!

We will also be giving awards for Themes, when a story truly and outstandingly handles a theme well. Thus we may give out awards for comedy, drama, etc. It all depends on what people send us.


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