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Anime North reserves the right to refuse sale of Artist Alley spaces and/or Art Room panel or table space.

Anime North is a family-oriented convention. For this reason, artwork with explicitly sexual or otherwise offensive content will not be displayed openly in the Art Room. Artists who wish to sell such art from their Artist Alley table space may, provided they do so discreetly, keeping it in a closed binder or portfolio and at no time openly displaying such works where they may be viewed by those under 18 years old. If you have hentai (sexually explicit) art you would like to sell through the Art Show or Print Shop, please contact the Art Director at art@animenorth.com and put Hentai in the subject line.

Art Room and Artist Alley spaces are occupied at the discretion of the Art Department Director.

All participants must obey convention policies and hotel rules.

Blocking hallways, aisles and fire exits will not be tolerated. Any behaviour that disrupts the convention or the hotel, or is considered damaging to individuals, property or the reputation of the convention will result in the loss of Artist Alley and/or Art Room privileges, loss of membership and expulsion from the convention.

If you witness any questionable behavior, please report it immediately to one of our staff or volunteers and it will be dealt with promptly by the Art Dept. Director and/or the appropriate staff of Anime North.

Failure to follow these rules may result in loss of Art Show and Artists Alley space without refund.


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