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Artist Alley is Officially Full!

Artist Alley is a place for artists, modelers, small publishers, clubs and other individuals or small organizations who wish to sell pre-drawn fanart or original art, take commissions, and advertise their services. The Alley is open to amateurs, studios and professionals, a great way to get your art out to the public and meet fellow artisans.


Artist Alley 2005 Check-in Procedures and Alley Jam
Artists, Please see the above link!

You will never know what you may find in the alley, so be sure to check it out!

Open access to convention attendees:

Friday May 27, 2005: 5pm - 11pm
Saturday May 28, 2005: 10 am -10pm
Sunday May 29, 2005: 10am - 5pm


Set up time for artists and other information will be sent to them through the mailing list prior to the week of the convention.


Artist Alley will be located next to the Dealers Room in the Toronto Congress Centre. Access will be from the main convention area.


Each space in the Artist Alley is one half, (2' x 3'), of a 2' x 6' table and includes one membership. A chair and a cloth cover (to be shared with other table occupant), for the duration of the convention.

Up to one additional Alley Space may be purchased for CAN$15 (USD$10) and does NOT include membership to the con, nor an extra chair. Each artist must be registered individually for their own alley space(s), even if they wish to be seated together. The registration form includes instructions for pairs or groups.

Artist Alley Pricing

Artist Alley Space
1x alley space
1x convention membership

Before March 31, 2005
CAD $55 / USD $45
April 15
th and after
CAD $65 / USD $55

Artist Alley Table
2x alley space (full table)
1x convention membership

Before March 31, 2005
CAD $70 / USD $55
April 15
th and after
CAD $80 / USD $65

Artist Alley Pricing

Artists this year are required to register individually. If you wish to be seated next to someone or part of a group, please make use of the 'password/keyword' portion of the registration form.

If you have already purchased a membership to the convention while successfully reserving a spot for the artist alley, please email alley@animenorth.com with your details. Proof of membership must be presented at the time of alley badge pickup.

There will be NO provision for electricity from Anime North. Exhibitors requiring electricity MUST contact the Toronto Congress Centre directly, as this is an entirely separate fee. Anime North makes no guarantee of availability of electricity.

All alley participants are responsible for their own property, merchandise and money, so please be sure to keep your things safe while you're in the alley. There is only minimal security for the alley and Anime North or its agents can not be liable for loss or damage including but not limited to merchandise, equipment, or revenue.


BEFORE DOING ANYTHING ELSE, Please email alley@animenorth.comwith the subject "Artist Alley Reservation" to verify that space is still available. This message should include your name, name of group or studio represented (if any), or any other relevant details regarding your space, like a friend you wish you be seated with or special requests. If space is available, the Alley Coordinator will then confirm your reservation and send you the registration form via e-mail.

We would also like to remind artists that only people with confirmed reservations will be given the alley registration form. Artists who somehow obtain a copy of the registration without prior reservation will not be given a spot. If money is sent by the mention party without a confirmation from the artist alley coordinator, they will be refunded after the con.

Once you've received confirmation, mail your cheque or money order, and registration form, so that it ARRIVES within 10 business days to:

Anime North Artist Alley
800 Knotty Pine Grove
Mississauga, Ontario, L5W 1K2

Cheques should be made out to : Anime North

Please note that if payment is not received within this timeframe, your reservation will be released for rental to another artist.

Pre-registration for the alley closes on Friday, May 13 2005.
We will not accept any pre-registrations after May 13, 2005.

After this time, all remaining alley spaces will be made available at a rate of $65 CAD on a first-come first-served basis at the alley registration desk on the first day of the convention starting from 4pm on Friday, May 27, 2005.

Before Reserving a space, please make sure to read and understand all the rules and regulations for the artist alley by reviewing the Artist Alley Policy and asked any questions and concerns you may have to the alley coordinator ahead of time.

Get Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF Registration FromArtist Alley Policy


Q. How many tables can I reserve?

A. Each artist can only reserve one full table maximum for their own use. If you are in an art group/studio, each artist is required to register individually.

Q. Will there be walk-in space available?

A. There may be a very limited number of spaces for walk-ins. You must show proof of membership, (your convention badge), to be able to obtain one at the cost of $15 per space.

Q. Can I have friends sit behind my table and watch my stuff?

A. Artists are reminded that badges may not be sold, loaned, or otherwise transferred for any reason. Volunteers will be available to watch artist tables for a maximum of 15 minutes. If the artist plans to leave at a prolonged period of time, it is advised that they temporarily close down their table until they return.

Q. What if I'm on my own and I need to run off for a few minutes?

A. As mentioned above, volunteers will be available to watch tables for 15 minutes. Any time longer, it is advised you temporarily close your table or ask the person you are sharing the table with to watch your stuff. Please note that asking your table partner to watch your things is at your discretion.

Q. Why haven't you answered my email!?

A. Email is checked regularly so you should hear something back within 48 hours, if not sooner. If a reply is not given in that amount of time, please resend your e-mail or post your concerns in the forums.

Q. What kind of stuff can I sell in the alley?

A. Generally, as long as it's not commercial goods and not directly infringing on copyright holders. The resale of food, used goods or retail items, (like pocky, art books or plushies), are not allowed. If you wish to do this, please consider purchasing a Dealer's Table. Please note that you may be fined by the TCC if you are caught selling food outside of the dealer's room.

Please read the Artist Alley Policy for more details. If required, email alley@animenorth.com for further clarification.

Q. I wish to play music at my table. can I?

A. As long as it doesn't disrupt those around you. Just remember not everyone likes the same music you do, nor do they necessarily want to listen to music while they work. Alley may ask you to turn it down or off completely, so please don't depend on this for any aspect of your table.



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